‘Rem Gambler’ - a safe bet

01 Feb 2011
‘Rem Gambler’ - the world’s most powerful AHTS

‘Rem Gambler’ - the world’s most powerful AHTS

When the Fosnavåg-based offshore fleet operator Rem Maritime ordered its first anchor handling tug supply vessel back in May 2007, the owner, Åge Remøy, took a gamble that the market would need the vessel and named it, appropriately, Rem Gambler.

Delivered from the STX Europe yard at Brattvåg where the 95m long, 24m wide Tulcea, Romania, built hull was outfitted, the newbuilding is based on Aker Yards Projects’ AH12 design. At the time of writing, the 5,000 dwt, 8,053gt vessel claimed the distinction of being the world’s most powerful AHTS with a 344 tonne bollard pull.

The hybrid propulsion power plant comprises two 7,680kW medium speed Wärtsila 16V32 mechanically-controlled diesels each driving a Wärtsila/Lips 4.6m diameter 11,180kW FP propeller for a maximum speed of 18.9 knots. Each main engine also drives a 4,000kW ABB M6-FG 3 shaft generator with a 3,500kW PTI electric motor.

Auxiliary power is generated by means of four 2,100 kWe Caterpillar 3516 gensets and one 340 kWe Caterpillar C18 emergency generator. These gensets power a collection of Rolls-Royce propulsors comprising two 1,200kW TT2400 DPNFP bow thrusters, one UL2001 FP 1,500kW retractable azimuth thruster forward, one 1,200kW TT2400 DPNFP stern thruster and one 1,500kW UL2001 FP retractable azimuth thruster aft. To further aid manoeuvrability, the vessel is fitted with two Becker SC-2550/580 K2 rudders. A Kongsberg Maritime dynamic positioning system is installed for a DP2 capability.

The newbuilding is capable of carrying out sub-sea construction work and is fitted with a ROV roller gate and ROV side-door from TTS. Its cargo carrying capacity includes a 760m2 cargo deck area, 932.9m3 fresh water, 3,673.8m3 ballast water, 2,006m3 fuel oil and 1,000m3 rig chain lockers in six tanks.

Towing equipment consists of two 450 tonne towing/working drums and two 170 tonne Brattvåg secondary winches. In addition, there are five Rolls-Royce tugger winches, shark jaws, two cargo-rail cranes with Rolls-Royce manipulators for safe anchor handling and a 250/315 tonne A-frame. There is also an offshore crane foundation prepared for a 250 tonne crane.

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