Carnival gets ahead with scrubber installations

01 Mar 2017
Carnival will equip more than 85 of its vessels with scrubbers through 2020

Carnival will equip more than 85 of its vessels with scrubbers through 2020

Carnival Corporation plc is to install and certify Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) on 60 ships across its global fleet, meaning that it’s on course to equip more than 85 of its vessels through 2020.

The project, which represents a US$400 million investment to date, will mean a significant improvement in the quality of air emissions from its ships and reinforces the company’s commitment to the environment.

"Our Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems represent advanced environmental technology and underscore our company's strong commitment to responsible sustainability practices," said Mike Kaczmarek, vice president of corporate marine technology for Carnival Corporation.

He said that the decision to install more scrubber systems has been taken because of the success of the deployment on 32 vessels.

“This is part of our ongoing focus on evaluating new technologies, employing new shipbuilding techniques and implementing energy-saving initiatives throughout our fleet to protect the health and vitality of the oceans, seas and communities in which we operate,” he added.

Carnival Corporation's sulphur reduction programme is in line with other proactive steps Carnival Corporation has taken to reduce its carbon footprint, including the adoption of LNG.

Last year, the newly delivered AIDAprima became the first cruise ship to routinely use LNG with a dual-fuel powered engine while in port.

By 2019, with the introduction of the first of seven fully LNG-powered vessels, Carnival Corporation said it will be the first cruise company to use LNG to power cruise ships both while they are in port and on the open sea.

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