Crowley Maritime installs Cat monitoring technology

Crowley Maritime has installed Cat Asset Intelligence monitoring software on board its tugboat, Guide Crowley Maritime has installed Cat Asset Intelligence monitoring software on board its tugboat, Guide

US-based marine solutions company, Crowley Maritime Corporation, has announced it will be installing Caterpillar’s Cat Asset Intelligence software on one of its vessels.

The tugboat Guide, a ship-assist vessel operating out of Seattle, is being fitted with a custom vessel monitoring and diagnostics solution, which will keep continuous watch over its main engines, generators, thrusters and critical systems. 

“It’s a robust system that does all the key monitoring and analysis we need,” said Bill Metcalf, vice president of strategic engineering for Crowley Maritime.

“We’re looking at it as the next level of management and optimization, and we want to see how it can help us increase reliability, safety and efficiency onboard our vessels,” he added.

Unlike technologies that only monitor engine performance, Cat Asset Intelligence services provide monitoring and diagnostics for an entire vessel. Fleet advisors then use the aggregated data and automated analytics to provide customers with actionable advisories to increase vessel productivity and improve equipment management.

“It’s very scalable and customizable. That’s one of the things we liked about this technology,” Mr Metcalf said. “Plus, Cat Asset Intelligence will monitor and analyze anything—not just Cat products. That was a big selling point as we, like many others, have a wide variety of equipment that is critical to our success.”

With the software monitoring and analyzing Guide’s key systems, Crowley Maritime expects to see value in a number of areas.

“It can give us early warning of a catastrophic failure so we can schedule maintenance. It can save us time and money during the inspection process. It can help us keep our vessels and people out of harm’s way,” Mr Metcalf said.

“We’re also looking at fuel savings. That’s not likely to be a big issue on Guide, because of its size and application, but it could be huge for our larger vessels,” he added.

Crowley Maritime has established a governance committee to analyse the software’s performance onboard Guide and, if it proves valuable, hopes to expand vessel monitoring and diagnostics to other ships in its fleet.

“We consider Crowley Maritime an important partner, and we’re working through the CatAsset Intelligence journey together,” said Leslie Bell-Friedel, global business manager for Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence. “There’s a real team mentality in place to ensure they get as much value from this technology as possible.”



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