Evac waste systems for Star Cruises newbuilds

Global Class ship from Star Cruises Global Class ship from Star Cruises
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German shipyard Mv Werften is set to install the Evac Complete Cleantech Solution on board two new Global Class ships for Star Cruises.

This contract also covers two optional cruise vessels of the same Star Cruises’ class, which are specifically designed for the growing Asian market.

“Mv Werften selected Evac due to its strong experience in the cruise industry with over 20,000 completed marine projects – and because they were the only complete package provider,” Jarmo Laakso, managing director of Mv Werften.

He said: “These environmentally friendly and energy efficient systems cover all needs of these new ships, which will be among the largest in the world.”

The new vessels will be the largest built at the at over 340m long, delivery is scheduled for 2020 and 2021.

A comprehensive waste and water management system, Evac’s Complete Cleantech Solution includes vacuum collection, wastewater treatment, dry and wet waste treatment as well as fresh water generation desalination plants.

The fresh water treatment plants are based on reverse osmosis technology and will produce over 3,000 cubic meters of fresh water per day. The contracted waste management systems will be the largest ever installed on board cruise vessels.

Ljubo Jurisevic, managing director of Evac Germany and president of Evac Global Cruise Business, said: “Evac Complete Cleantech Solution noticeably simplifies implementation and coordination in the building process of the yard.”

He concluded: “This one-stop solution is what sets Evac apart from its competitors. Ease of co-operation is highly important in these types of complex, large cruise vessel projects where the number of different suppliers may grow to the hundreds.”



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