SKF warning over counterfeit bearings

23 Feb 2017

SKF has destroyed counterfeit bearings worth a market value of around €1m in Greece, following the successful completion of legal proceedings commenced in 2009.

The 15 tonnes of counterfeit SKF bearings were seized as part of a raid at a dealer’s warehouse in Piraeus which had no connection with SKF.

SKF said that customers who think they may have taken delivery of fake bearings should download the company’s SKF Authenticate app.

The app gives clear instructions on how to submit a report to the company. Upon receipt of a report, SKF experts will verify if a product is genuine or counterfeit.

SKF’s app is available for both smart phones and tablets.

The company added the best way to safeguard authenticity is to buy SKF products from authorised distributors. Getting a “good deal” from an unknown supplier may end up costing a lot more in the long run.

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