Prisma Tibro,Sweden

Prisma Tibro, Sweden and which is well known as Prisma Teknik is a Swedish company with 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality unique electronic devices as Prisma

The old dial deflection gauge checks were time-consuming, unpleasant and inaccurate, but by using Prisma electronic deflection indicator DI-5/DI-5C, the task is much easier and the accuracy is improved. This series also optionally comes with Prisma Ovality Kit to check the cylinder liner ovality and compare wear.

The Prisma Deflection Indicators, Prisma DI-5/Prisma DI-5C are used by hundreds of engineers in over 90 countries worldwide.

Prisma Tibro can provide a solution even for smaller size diesel & gas engines by providing deflection indicators with a smaller transducers starting from 60mm and it can be extended up to 536mm. We call it Prisma DI-5S (Small Transducer) and Prisma DI-5CS (Small Transducer). While the standard Prisma DI-5 & Prisma DI-5C coming with a standard transducer 89mm and it can be extended up to 565mm.

By using Prisma DI-5 or Prisma DI-5C you are investing in your staff and providing them a safe and efficient devices to measure and keep track of engine status.

Reliability and safety are our utmost concern, and we are ISO 9001:2008 certified company to ensure the highest quality production standards and customer support.


Järnvägsgatan 19
SE-543 50