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  • ‘Selandia’ – the world’s first motor ship

    100 years of motor ships


    In February 1912, the ''Selandia'', the world''s first true motor ship, took to the water and made her maiden voyage from Copenhagen, where she was built at the B&W yard, to Bangkok.

  • DK Group’s air cavity system

    Continuing shipping’s sustainability journey


    Katia Kardash, managing director, DK Group, considers the impact of last year’s measures to quantify and limit shipping’s carbon footprint.

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    100 years of safety progress?


    I began this piece with the intention of mentioning the centenary of the Titanic sinking and the lessons that have been learned as a result.

  • SMM 2008 interior

    SMM focuses on the environment


    SMM 2010 is scheduled for 7 to 10 September, at the Hamburg Fair site in Germany. The 24th International Shipbuilding Fair is expected by the organisers to exceed the very considerable size of previous events.

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    A new look for 2012


    Keen-eyed readers may have noticed a brighter appearance to The Motorship, which we hope will reflect the small changes we have made across the board in our goal to continue improving the brand.

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    Log-on – Gas fuel, the unanswered questions


    The overwhelming message from our recent Gas Fuelled Ships conference in Rotterdam was that LNG fuel is a viable option for ships under IMO Tier III and other strict emissions controls, but there are plenty of problems left to solve.

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    Introducing nanotechnology to shipbuilding


    Naval architect M. Rajeev of Axsys Technologies in India has contacted The Motorship with his ideas about nanotechnology in shipbuilding, a subject he says has fascinated him throughout his career.

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    Norway gets it right


    The Motorship has recently returned from a week-long trip to Norway’s west coast, on a press trip with colleagues from other maritime and energy publications.

  • The high value of the latest generation of high-tech mega-ships is helping to drive up insurance costs

    Caution remains in hull and machinery insurance


    The year 2011 has seen the cost of nautical-related marine insurance claims return to former high levels, and new technology is doing nothing to reassure underwriters, as Denzil Stuart reports.

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    Keep damaged ships afloat


    Salvage companies and marine underwriters are keeping an eye on a new initiative that could prevent a damaged ship from sinking.

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    Log on - Piracy at sea


    The problem of Somali pirates is not going away; in fact it threatens to escalate.

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    Fuel for the future


    With the imminent Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships conference in Rotterdam, and the formal adoption of the EEDI and SEEMP by IMO’s MEPC, fuels and emissions are again in the spotlight.

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    Shippers sceptical about EEDI measures


    According to logistics organisation Shippers Voice, shipper groups believe that ‘green fuel taxes’ will not reduce emissions from ships; instead they will simply add a surcharge to the rates they charge customers.

  • Modern electronic navigation relies heavily on accurate and reliable GPS signals

    GPS – good but vulnerable


    GPS guides just about every vessel afloat, and although the technology is accurate and reliable, it is not infallible, argues Dag Pike.

  • A grounded bulk carrier –

    High casualty levels still cause concern


    Despite lower activity levels in shipping, casualty statistics remain high. Denzil Stuart investigates.

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    Change gathers pace – at last


    Looking through the archive collection of The Motor Ship in our offices, it was interesting to note that even as far back as the 1930s it was being forecast that the earth’s oil resources could run out in less than 20 years.

  • Maersk Line has managed a good reliability record

    Keeping to schedule


    Dag Pike looks at the need to maintain timetables, which can expose the disadvantages of operating slower ships, besides the well-known environmental benefits.

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    Norway shows the way


    Next month, the shipping and marine engineering community will be travelling to Norway (after having spent a couple of days in Denmark, at our conference of course).

  • The advances in offshore energy technology are officially recognised at Nor-Shipping 2011

    Nor-Shipping 2011: next generation shipping


    Nor-Shipping 2011 will take place between May 24 and May 27, 2011. The organisers expect the event to be at least as well supported as the last Nor-Shipping, in 2009, which attracted a record 34,000 delegates.

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    Forward with technology


    I am putting this issue together following our return from Copenhagen, where we were at the very successful 33rd Motorship Propulsion and Emissions conference.