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  • SMM returns to Hamburg Messe in September (Katrin Neuhauser)

    SMM focuses on attracting more marine engineers


    It is an even-numbered year, which means that SMM will soon be upon us, once again: claiming to be the leading international trade fair for the maritime industry, the exhibition runs at the Hamburg Messe und Congress from 9 September to 12 September, with a special effort being made on ...

  • Duke Snider of Martech Polar Consulting in his customary environment

    Duke Snider: Dedicated ice man


    What Duke Snider knows is ice: sea ice, freshwater ice, first year ice, glacial ice, he is intimately acquainted with the lot. But, as he tells Stevie Knight, what he wants more than anything is to pass on his knowledge as he believes now, with rising interest in the Arctic, ...

  • Stephan Timmermann: We are in the middle of a revolution even if many people are only just beginning to be aware of it

    Stephan Timmermann: A quiet revolution


    “Despite people sometimes thinking you are crazy if you talk about a real and fundamental change, you have to realise how far everyone, not just the maritime business, but the whole world has come,” says Stephan Timmermann of MAN Diesel & Turbo SE.

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    Rewards for being green


    Shipowners all want to be environmentally responsible, but few involved in the charter markets can afford the cost of low-carbon, fuel saving measures.

  • Henrik Uth: Owners and crew alike have to realise there are the right places to compromise and the wrong ones

    Making the most of experience: Henrik Uth


    “Seafarers are more than just a commodity... I wanted a chance to prove that,” says Henrik Uth of the Survey Association, adding that the best thing an owner can do is make the most of the insight gained by experienced crew.

  • Pierpaolo Barbone of Wärtsilä: Listening is something you need to do, before you make any assumptions

    Going the extra 9,000 miles


    “People don’t want to interact with virtual world: providing a service is a ‘people business’ Pierpaolo Barbone of Wärtsilä tells Stevie Knight. “Professionalism can’t even begin to play a part unless it’s based on being human.”

  • Sigmund Borgundvaag of Rolls-Royce, the ‘grandfather’ of offshore support design

    Sigmund Borgundvaag: four decades of designing the future


    Stevie Knight talks to naval architect Sigmund Borgundvaag of Rolls-Royce, whose 40-year career in the design of OSVs have earned him the title ''the grandfather of offshore support ships''.

  • Large corporations can invest in sustainable technology concepts like Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s Orcelle – for other owners finance can prove a hurdle (Wallenius Wilhelmsen)

    Driving sustainability: overcoming barriers for technology uptake


    Finding finance can often prove an obstacle to efficiency-enhancing measures; Stephanie Draper, chair and co-founder, Sustainable Shipping Initiative, explains how innovative financing and transparency can inspire technological progression to drive operational efficiencies, reduce fuel costs and lower emissions.

  • Henrique Pestana, head of ship design for ABB: “It is one thing having an intellectual understanding of the interdependent nature of the industry, but it’s still quite another watching these huge economic issues cascade down to hit you”

    Studying the drivers – Henrique Pestana profile


    “Someone once said that God must have been a ship owner, because wherever you are, the resources are somehow always a long way away across a lot of water,” says Henrique Pestana, head of ship design for ABB.

  • All aspects of modern ship machinery need to have maintenance requirements propely planned and documented

    Planned maintenance, systems and usage


    Alan Mortimer, a former UK Chief Engineer now based in the Philippines, considers the pros and cons of planned maintenance systems for today’s ships.

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    Fuels for the future


    Just as this issue was being finalised, we were invited to a presentation by our new largest classification society, DNV GL, on future alternative fuels for shipping.

  • A 77m diesel-electric DP2 PSV under construction at Shin Yang; one of two in built at the yard, with the first scheduled for delivery in June 2014

    Shipbuilding competition promotes efficient working


    In order to compete in a crowded market, efficiency is the key to success in shipbuilding today: both efficiency in the yard’s operation and in producing fuel-efficient ships for customers. We spoke to Malaysian offshore specialist shipyard Shin Yang Shipbuilding to see how the company was faring in difficult times.

  • The ‘Viking Grace’ entered service, powered by dual fuel four-stroke engines running almost entirely on LNG as fuel, and proved a great success, not least as the venue for The Motorship’s fourth Gas Fuelled Ships conference

    A year when efficiency became the focus


    2013 may well go down as the year in which the shipping world in general really woke up to the fact that serious changes will have to be made.

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    Game changer in marine propulsion?


    Wartsila has now officially announced its dual-fuel two stroke engine, describing it as a ‘game changer’.

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    Keeping the news alive


    Much has changed in maritime publishing in the last few years, and we are now very much part of the digital revolution.

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    Gas fuel is here to stay


    The recent Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships Conference provided a unique opportunity to experience LNG as fuel in actual operation – over a full two days.

  • Eco Marine Power’s solution places photovoltaic cells on the surface of its wing sails

    The wind as fuel


    Dag Pike looks at the current efforts in harnessing free power from the wind in order to cut ship fuel costs and reduce emissions.

  • ‘MOL Comfort’ – another major casualty likely to impact on marine insurance in general

    Casualties cause jitters for insurers


    Several major casualties have impacted on marine property insurers and the P&I clubs, and they fear there may be more to come this year, writes Denzil Stuart.

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    Heading for a log jam


    Shipping and shipbuilding could, say some commentators, fall apart in the next few years. A lack of any sense of urgency seems to be to blame.

  • Univan considers that it is important to keep its ships in good order to minimise bunker consumption, and to consider and recommend appropriate fuel-saving modifications

    The technical challenges of ship management


    Ship managers, as well as owners, are being squeezed to minimise costs in the face of low charter rates and oversupply of ships. We asked Univan Ship Management of Hong Kong how they were responding to these challenges; this is what chief operating officer Pradeep Ranjan had to say.