ABB launches medium-power Azipod targeting ferry segment

ABB has extended its range of Azipod® propulsors with the launch of a new series available in 7.5-14.5MW. ABB has extended its range of Azipod® propulsors with the launch of a new series available in 7.5-14.5MW.
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ABB has launched a new series of Azipod® propulsors available in 7.5-14.5MW, completing the gap between low and high-power ranges of Azipods. The new Azipod propulsion units are intended to enable ferry and RoPax operators to improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions, but are also suitable for larger offshore construction vessels, midsize cruise ships and shuttle tankers.

The new mid-power range feature ABB’s latest fourth generation permanent magnet motors, which have been refined to increase power and higher torque, which in turn allows the specification of smaller engines, maximizing efficiency. The design simplicity of the propulsion system provides increased robustness and reliability, at the same time allowing for ease of maintenance.

In addition, the latest ‘M’ series of Azipod propulsion feature technical advantages tailored to provide operating benefits for ferry and RoPax owners and operators. The mid-power range propulsion units have been designed for low onboard height, which allows placing the Azipod system under the car deck of RoPax vessels, ensuring smooth loading and unloading of vehicles, as well as allowing for maximizing the deck space.

The latest mid-power series offers particular benefits for ferry and RoPax ship owners in terms of improved energy efficiency and lowered emissions.

ABB has measured how the Azipod propulsion system delivers more resilience to weather and allows for approaching port at higher speeds. This permits enhanced schedule-keeping, but also offers fuel economy advantages from lower speed requirements during crossings.

An independent study by Deltamarin, a ship design, offshore engineering and construction group, where a RoPax vessel equipped with the Azipod system was compared to a conventional vessel with shaftline propulsion, has shown average savings in fuel and energy consumption equivalent to $1.7 million annually. Lower fuel consumption also means that the Azipod-powered ferry would reduce CO2 emissions – by approximately 10,000 tons per year. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by about 2,200 passenger cars annually.

“For close to three decades, Azipod electric propulsion has been the driving force behind safe, efficient and sustainable operations for a wide range of vessels. We are thrilled to extend the benefits of the Azipod system to vessels requiring propulsion power of 7.5-14.5MW,” said Antti Ruohonen, Senior Vice President for propulsion solutions at ABB Marine & Ports.

ABB’s Azipod propulsion is a gearless steerable propulsion system where the electric drive motor is in a submerged pod outside the ship hull. Azipod units can rotate 360 degrees to increase manoeuvrability and operating efficiency, with the proven ability to cut fuel consumption by up to 20 percent compared to traditional shaftline propulsion systems. Due to minimal noise and vibration, Azipod propulsion also improves passenger and crew comfort.


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