Onboard lube blending from MFT

The BOB system will be installed on the EverGas Gas Carrier ‘JS Greensail’ The BOB system will be installed on the EverGas Gas Carrier ‘JS Greensail’

Maersk Fluid Technology (MFT) has entered into an agreement with Evergas and Clipper Group to equip their vessels with its SEA-Mate Lubricant Blending-On-Board (BOB) System.

This recent order takes the total number of SEA-Mate BOB systems invested in by ship owners to over two hundred units, representing millions of logged cylinder operation hours.

“This is a technology that is supporting ship operators with both changing engine operating conditions and fuel sulphur levels, it is needed in the industry and we are pleased that our order book reflects that requirement,” said Sune Lilbaek, head of sales at MFT.

Evergas will install the SEA-Mate B1000 unit on its vessels, a system which is suitable for medium range engines with a bore size of 50 – 72 cm. The Clipper Group meanwhile will install the smaller B500 unit, which is specifically designed for engines with a bore size of 26 – 48 cm, to be fitted on a vessel equipped with a MAN Diesel S42MC engine.

SEA-Mate BOB helps to facilitate better cylinder lubrication and system oil quality for all 2-stroke engine sizes.

It facilitates better blending of the in-use system oil, as a base oil, with a high-BN cylinder oil product to produce a fit-for-purpose cylinder lubricant matching actual fuel composition, engine operating conditions and fuel sulphur levels.

MFT will be giving a presentation of the challenge of 2-stroke engine lubrication at The Motorship’s 39th Propulsion and Emissions conference, taking place in Hamburg from 10 to 12 May 2017.


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