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    Contra-rotating propellers and containers


    Our predecessors, writing in the September 1967 issue of The Motor Ship, were considering the dilemma facing ship designers following the demand for higher speeds, which in turn had led to a horsepower race.They felt that technology of the time was approaching its practical limits, particularly in terms of the ...

  • Ken Munro: “The ransom is only the start of it – even if the operator pays up, their data may still be irrecoverable, it may still be leaked, or they may be targeted again in the future”

    Ken Munro: When ignorance is definitely not bliss


    As the smoke from the latest salvo of cyber-scares clears, men like Ken Munro are promising to guide us through the minefield. Stevie Knight writes.

  • The combination of electrification and automation added to new business models will deeply disrupt transportation and shipping markets, says Seba

    The electric and autonomous disruption


    One of the more adventurous speaker choices at this year’s Nor-Shipping exhibition and conference was serial entrepreneur and transportation futurist Tony Seba. Here we present an edited version of his discussion on the nature of disruption and how electric and automated vehicles will bring radical change to markets both on ...

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    A future view of large tankers


    The Motor Ship, July 1967, featured a lengthy article by Cmdr E. Platt, a director of BP Tankers, discussing the next generation of ‘mammoth’ tankers.

  • Joerg Roehl: “Some large projects are coming back into play”

    Joerg Roehl: The big (and heavy) picture


    Despite the problems of the heavy lift segment – which has experienced two years of restructuring, vessel layups and consolidation – Joerg Roehl of TGP Group insists “we are beginning to see some positive signs”. But, why should we believe him?

  • Your profit goal – the monetary reward - has to equal your value goal – what you believe in. If that’s true, you have harmony... But if it isn’t, it will eventually compromise the long term growth of the business.

    Brent Perry: Under a spell


    After founding and running two energy storage companies, you might think Brent Perry, CEO and founder of PBES, had seen it all in that field. But batteries still hold a little bit of magic for him, he tells Stevie Knight.

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    British yard exports to China


    ‘Coals to Newcastle’ is a well-known English expression reflecting the fact that Newcastle, on the River Tyne, was once a major coal exporting port, so sending coal there was a fruitless exercise. We were reminded of this – or to turn it around a bit – by ''Ships from Sunderland'' ...

  • Retrofitting of scrubbers or other sulphur compliance options is a difficult decision for owners of older vessels

    To scrap or not to scrap?


    Innovative technical and financial options are needed if owners of older ships are to avoid scrapping vessels in the light of onerous environmental regulations.

  • Hannu Jukola: “You can easily be a thousand miles from port or a week away from another vessel. If something happens, there’s no one to call, even helicopters will take days to reach you.”

    Hannu Jukola: Cold realism


    “There are some very pretty pictures of cruise vessels surrounded by floating ice in the brochures, but these vessels have no ice class: to an expert eye it’s actually extremely dangerous,” Hannu Jukola of Steerprop tells Stevie Knight. The cruise industry has been taking some heavy risks without, it seems, ...

  • Ship owners have traditionally paid scant regard for the automation basics that will enable technology-driven gains

    Editorial: Improving automation


    Ship operators must strengthen their focus on automation basics if they are to reap the rewards of technological advances, writes The Motorship editor Gavin Lipsith.

  • Willie Wagen: “It maybe that we’ll move away from just one strong indicator dictating everything"

    Willie Wagen: Beyond the oil price


    There’s no going back says Willie Wagen, global vice president of sales and marketing and managing director Europe, Corvus Energy. “Regardless of a rise in oil price we won’t be seeing a simple ‘return to normal’.... we’ll be looking at a very different future.”

  • Claudia Ohlmeier: “if a vessel gets detained, that’s difficult enough – and then class comes along and says ‘you have even more work to do – and guess what, that’s going to be an extra bill’...”

    Claudia Ohlmeier: Bridging troubled waters


    Claudia Ohlmeier’s current project, as she sees it, is to help stop ships being sucked into “a downward spiral” of detentions. Not that everyone appreciates it - at least at first. Stevie Knight writes.

  • FinFerries vessel Stella trialled a fusion of advanced sensor technologies as part of the Rolls-Royce led Advanced Autonomos Waterborne Applications project

    A year to remember?


    The onward march of emissions regulations dominated headlines in 2016, but the year was also notable for some important technical advances and engine developments. The Motorship editor Gavin Lipsith picks the highlights from an eventful year.

  • Follow all the action from Hamburg on the Gas Fuelled Ships Live Blog

    Live from Gas Fuelled Ships 2016


    The Motorship''s Gas Fuelled Ships conference kicks off today in Hamburg, Follow the action here, including speaker highlights, photos, social media commentary and reporting from technical visits..

  • Jeffrey, Lord Mountevans: “We must evolve again if we are to remain the world’s leading maritime centre; we cannot be complacent about our position in the global market or the decline of UK shipping interests”

    No room for complacency


    “Britain’s maritime offering, especially when it comes to engineering and technology, is first class,” says Lord Jeffrey Mountevans. But in order to keep its place and relevance, Britain’s maritime industry must evolve, he tells Stevie Knight.

  • Karin Orsel: Starting a ship management company was “a gamble maybe not everyone would have gone for”

    The decisive Karin Orsel


    “It’s like an addiction,” says Karin Orsel, CEO of MF Shipping Group. “You get a taste for this industry and you don’t want to leave.”

  • ‘Manchester Port’, the first British ship to be designed for unmanned engine room operation, befitting of the engineers’ professional status

    Looking ahead in ferry operations


    No fewer than 56 pages of the November 1966 issue of The Motor Ship were devoted to a special survey of ferries operating in European waters.

  • Gunnar Johnsen:  “You have to see what fails and why it fails - so you have to push the limits and test it. You have to get people’s trust to be able to do that...”

    Gunnar Johnsen: magnetic personality


    There’s an age-old technology that’s now stepping out of the wings to claim its share of the limelight: permanent magnet (PM) motors. But look behind Rolls-Royce Marine’s commercial development of PM units and one remarkably tenacious man stands out. By Stevie Knight.

  • Hallvard Slettevoll: “If it’s ahead of expectations... it’s very hard to get people to believe you”

    Hallvard Slettevoll: Converting the unbelievers


    “If you are offering something really different – not just ‘more of the same’ – then it’s actually quite difficult to sell,” says Hallvard Slettevoll, founder of STADT, the small engineering company that has stolen electrical integration contracts away from big, established players like General Electric and ABB.

  • Jack Brown: founder of Cargospeed and creator of over 50 ro-ro patents

    Jack Brown: Six decades of contagious ideas


    He maybe one of the grandfathers of ro-ro technology but Jack Brown admits design is still an itch he occasionally wishes he could “simply turn off”, adding: “If I get an idea I have to try to follow through, just to see if it’s practical.”