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  • ‘Tor Anglia’, Europe’s most powerful ferry

    A new start for UK yards


    Reorganisation of shipbuilding in the UK was the main story in ‘The Motor Ship’, April 1966. The Geddes Report recommended a “fresh start for British shipbuilding”, to be achieved through regrouping the industry into four large groups, incentivised through a £37.6 million government package.

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    Container ships on the horizon


    Not every prediction from past volumes of The Motor Ship proves to be accurate: however, the lead article from the February 1966 issue was pretty much spot on.

  • Magnus Erikssen: "Venture capitalists are really unadventurous"

    Magnus Erikssen: From subs to supercharged ferries


    Magnus Erikssen knows what it is to have a foot in two different worlds.

  • Geoff Dean: “if you keep repeating the design process you get good at solving problems”

    Geoff Dean: A life in design


    “Nothing stays the same,” Geoff Dean of OSD IMT tells Stevie Knight: “Change is what drives the industry, so there’s no point in wishing it otherwise, you just have to stay ahead.”

  • The Rolls-Royce UT777 is one of the new Well Intervention Vessels that aim to bring down overall costs by adding extras like top-hole drilling: it was also built at KHI in Japan

    2014 Support Sector Review: A changing game


    Will people remember 2014 as the year the game changed? If they are in the oil and gas support sector, then that’s quite likely... writes Stevie Knight

  • Emissions – united action needed

    Shipping still undecided on emissions legislation


    By the time this issue appears in print, ships in ECAs will be mandated to cut sulphur emissions to 0.1% fuel content, or take equivalent appropriate measures, while the global 0.5% limit edges closer, and attention is turning to carbon emissions. Yet even with such a short time scale, there ...

  • LNG – have falling oil prices and the still-uncertain infrastructure questions caused the bubble to burst?

    An industry driven by uncertainty


    2014 was a year in which our industry largely stood still, awaiting the uncertain outcome of new fuel regulations and the still-unresolved ballast water question, while oversupply of tonnage and economic woes bedevilled Far Eastern shipbuilding.

  • ‘Norman Atlantic’, as ‘Scintu’ in 2013 (Wikimedia, Eustace Bagge)

    Italian ferry fire prompts safety concerns


    Safety of passenger ships in the Mediterranean is likely to once again come under the spotlight following a fire onboard Italian-flagged ferry ‘Norman Atlantic’ during the early hours of 28 December.

  • Sergei Ivanov: corruption was behind the dismissal of a number of high-ranking officials (www.kremlin.ru)

    Russia fights corruption in national shipbuilding


    The Russian government is planning to tighten its fight against corruption in its national shipbuilding and marine equipment industries, writes Eugene Gerden.

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    2015 and the price of oil


    January 2015 is a significant date in that it sees the start of the chain of international regulations that will effectively phase out the heavy oil that has driven our industry for many years.

  • Sweden’s largest – ‘Sovereign Clipper’ pioneered electronic control of its large-bore 12-cylinder engine

    An automated future


    Proof that, 50 years ago, Britain still regarded its shipbuilding industry as significant was evident in a full-page message in a prominent position in the January 1965 issue of The Motor Ship, from the Rt Hon Roy Mason, government minister responsible for shipbuilding and shipping (in that order, believe it ...

  • ‘Methane Princess’ – first LNG carrier in regular international service

    First regular LNG traffic begins


    Although, as we know, transport by sea of gaseous cargoes is far from new, it may seem surprising that commercial international shipping of LNG began exactly 50 years ago.

  • Pieter van Oossanen: “When we actually measured a substantial forward thrust on the dynamometer I remember the people scratching their heads and going away with their notes...”

    Pieter van Oossanen: Design on the wing


    “When it comes to hull forms, many assume that there is ‘nothing more to be found’, but I believe there’s going to be even greater changes in the years to come,” Pieter van Oossanen, founder of Van Oossanen Naval Architects, tells Stevie Knight.

  • Murky past: ex GDR state yacht 'Vineta' (ex 'A Koebis') is up for grabs

    Historic GDR boat goes to highest bidder


    A piece of modern German history goes under the hammer in Rostock soon when the state yacht and conference boat once used by East Germany’s Communist leaders is sold at auction, writes Tom Todd.

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    Doug Woodyard


    It is with great regret that we learned this week of the passing of Doug Woodyard. He had been in poor health for a number of years, but following a recovery he continued to work until the illness returned this year.

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    Russia may resume imports of banned ship equipment and technologies


    The Russian government may legalise parallel imports of some shipboard equipment and components, with the aim of averting shortages in the national shipbuilding industry, writes Eugene Gerden.

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    The gas bubble bursts


    It came as something of a shock, especially in the run-up to the Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships conference (which takes place in Stavanger, Norway, on 25-27 November) that one major LNG fuelled ship project had been put on hold.

  • LNG carrier, 1964 vintage, the ‘Jules Verne’

    Sulzer to the fore


    Big news back in October 1964 was that the first licence for building high power Diesel engines in the US had been awarded by Sulzer Bros to Nordberg Manufacturing.

  • Lucas Zaat: How we respond will set the path for the future. One thing for sure is, we can’t be afford to be afraid

    Lucas Zaat: Less protection, more innovation


    Running stability calculations for a salvage company in the middle 80s, “was intense – like being involved in a big rescue operation” but Lucas Zaat admits he never knew exactly how any mobilisation was going to work out.

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    Ukranian shipbuilding faces serious crisis


    Ukranian shipbuilding is on the verge of a serious crisis, due to the breakdown in relations with Russia and termination of the $4 billion contract between the two sides, writes Eugene Gerden.