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DESMI KaziCat is a true Multi-Purpose Catamaran Vessel despite its compact size; just below 24 meters at waterline and 9.6 meters in width. Meaning it fulfills the MCA category 2 requirements allowing operation up to 60 nautical miles from safe haven.

What is unique for this vessel is its modular design concept allowing shift of operation mode within the hour. The KaziCat can carry up to 4 x 20’ ISO containers carrying the various equipment allowing the vessel to handle the more than 10 different tasks; - Removal of floating debris including compacter allowing long operation time - Special 20’ container with seats and safety gear for 12 persons - Special 20’ container with 4 special bunks for injured people (SAR operations) - 20’ container with equipment for carrying out hull cleaning of larger vessel - 20’ container with de-compression tanks allowing the vessel to work as sophisticated diving vessel – the opening access to the water between the two hulls gives excellent conditions for divers - Special 20’ container with double DESMI Compact Clean 340 m³/h treatment system allowing ballast water to be pumped to the container and then immediate discharge to the water after double treatment - 20’ container including fire-fighting pump, foam tanks and remote controlled fire monitor allowing the vessel to assist during larger fires - Normal work boat duties in ports where 20’ flat racks can be used for safe transport of larger cargo - Module including WASSP multi-beam scanner for accurate and detailed seabed scanning - Able to carry scientific containers allowing the vessel to act as platform for carrying out water investigations - Oil Spill Combat vessel using Belt Skimmer module placed between the hulls, and using 20’ tanks containers allowing the vessel to change to empty tanks in minutes instead of hours - Operation center during larger operations involving more vessels

The main physical parameters for the vessel: Length overall: 24.60 meters Load line length: 23.95 meters Breadth (moulded): 9.60 meters Draft loaded: 1.75 meters Fuel tank: 15,000 liters Fresh water tank: 10,000 liters Sewage holding tank: 3,500 liters Engine: 2 x 610 kW Yanmar @ 1900 rpm Lightship weight: 92 tons Full load displacement: 193 tons Speed lightweight: 14 knots Speed loaded: 13 knots

With accommodation for 5 persons, 2 individual cabins and 1 cabin for 3 persons. Of course with safety gear like AIS transponder and safety wests with gps locator.

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