YANMAR is a globally recognised diesel engine manufacturer specialising in medium-speed and high-speed marine diesel engines tailored for applications.


Our engines power commercial ships, ocean-going vessels, workboats, offshore support boats, luxury yachts, and more, reaching customers worldwide.

With a legacy spanning over a century, YANMAR is committed to delivering sustainable solutions that empower our customers to execute their tasks with respect for nature and man.

Innovation is critical at YANMAR by constantly pushing the boundaries and conducting rigorous tests and developments involving alternative fuels like hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia. We have also extensively explored the use of biofuels, with some of our engines capable of handling up to B100.

Furthermore, YANMAR’s dedication to customer support extends globally, as we have established a robust network of trusted service and spare parts providers in over 130 countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

YANMAR’s marine engine range includes three major categories.

  • High-power, medium-speed propulsion diesel engines (374 kW - 4500 kW) known for their efficient energy consumption and reduced NOx emissions.
  • Auxiliary medium-speed engines (180 kWe - 4600 kWe) widely used for diesel generator sets for generating stable electrical power at sea and in port.
  • High-speed, compact, lightweight commercial engines (9 to 1340 kW) with high-power output and high combustion performance. The range also includes engines that comply with European emission standards and various IACS quality certifications.

At YANMAR, we are not just an engine manufacturer; we are your partner in propulsion, efficiency, and sustainability on the water.