MHI develops hybrid turbocharger

26 Aug 2010
Cutaway drawing of the MET83MAG hybrid turbocharger

Cutaway drawing of the MET83MAG hybrid turbocharger

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) of Japan says that it has developed a generator-integrated hybrid turbocharger which uses exhaust gas for both turbocharger drive and electricity generation.

The MET83MAG hybrid turbocharger is said to be capable of supplying all electric power necessary during normal sea going operations while, at the same time, enabling reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The turbocharger, which was commercialised in cooperation with NYK Line, Universal Shipbuilding Corporation and Hitachi Zosen Corporation, will be installed and tested on a Capesize bulk carrier. This vessel is currently under construction at Universal Shipbuilding and is scheduled to enter into service with NYK Line in 2011. The event will mark the first test of a hybrid turbocharger onboard a commercial ship.

The built-in generator of the MET83MAG, which is capable of generating a maximum power output of 754kW at a speed of 9,500 rpm, can substitute the function of the auxiliary blower from its use as an electric motor to enhance the performance of the turbocharger when engine speed is not fast enough.

The MET83MAG includes a waste-heat recovery system using exhaust gas from the engine, and can be fitted as replacement for existing turbochargers. MHI previously developed a commercial waste heat recovery system known as MERS (Mitsubishi energy recovery system) which enables a 10% reduction in fuel costs by generating electric power through combination of an exhaust-gas-driven turbine and a steam turbine, for ships with large electric power requirements, such as container carriers and tankers.

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