New Aker Arctic Oblique Icebreaker

10 May 2013
The ARC 100 HD increases ice management and pollution control capability

The ARC 100 HD increases ice management and pollution control capability

Finnish research specialist, Aker Arctic Technology, has unveiled a new version of its Oblique Icebreaker, which offers increased capability for terminal operations, ice management and oil spill response in freezing seas.

The ARC 100 HD, which will be classed by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as an Icebreaker 7, has been based on extensive model tests, which demonstrated that it will be able to break through 1.5m thick ice when moving ahead and astern at 5 knots (2 knots through 2m thick ice).

In the oblique mode, the vessel will be able to cut a 50m wide channel though 1.5m thick ice and in broken ice, its vertical side will be able to push ice pieces, while its inclined side will be able to break ice floats.

The 98m long heavy duty version will use 24,000kW of engine power and 19,500kW of propulsion power to give 190 tonnes of bollard pull in open water.

As well as increased size, power and manoeuvrability, the new vessel has increased dynamic positioning (DP) capability. It will be able to ‘spin on the spot’ to widen channels and will able to assist during ice field direction changes, effectively cutting ice alongside the cargo vessel exposed to unfavourable ice flows.

Instead of a rubber arm, the vessel’s vertical hull will act as a sweep arm up to 60m across in heavy waves. It will also feature a skimmer system, including a side door, built in brush skimmers/collector tanks for oil separation, recovered oil transfer pumps and a discharge pump.

The first ARC 100 HD, which is currently being built by Russia’s OJSC Yantar and Finland’s Arctech Yards, is due to be delivered to the Russian Ministry of transport in early 2014.

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