New MD for Damen Shipyards Singapore

11 Jul 2012
Maarten Jogen, managing director, Damen Shipyards Singapore (DSSi)

Maarten Jogen, managing director, Damen Shipyards Singapore (DSSi)

Damen Shipyards Singapore (DSSi) has appointed Maarten Jongen as its new managing director.

DSSi is a part of Damen Shipyards Group and specialises in building aluminium Damen vessels, repairs and conversions since 2000. As managing director, Mr Jongen will concentrate on marketing, services and improving efficiency at the yard.

Mr Jongen said: “The cost price should be as low as possible, while maintaining Damen’s proven quality of course. The construction of larger series of vessels enables us to evaluate and improve our production processes in a better way compared to when we are building one-offs. Our emphasis on environmentally friendly production and safety is added to this and will improve the level both our efficiency and quality.”

Maarten Jongen joined Damen in 2002 after studying naval architecture and marine technology at Delft University of Technology. He has several years experience within the Asian market through his last position as regional sales manager Asia Pacific.

The Singapore shipyard will concentrate on local sources and will carry out detailed engineering of vessels so that they can customise and build standard built vessels according to a client’s specific needs.

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