Lubmarine support their shipping customers with a range of new lubricant and digital monitoring solutions.

The shipping industry is facing a dual challenge - more efficiency, with fewer emissions. To help support its shipping customers globally, Lubmarine is focused on developing a range of advanced lubricant solutions combined with an increasing array of digital monitoring and management tools.

Their goal is to deliver multi-layered benefits to ship operators in an increasingly complex market through the combination of innovative engine lubrication solutions and smart engine monitoring and maintenance systems. To support its current range of lubrication formulations designed specifically to manage today’s modern marine engines using IMO2020 compliant fuels including dual-fuel, LNG and bio-LNG, Lubmarine’s dedicated Research & Development facility is working on a range of low ash/high detergency lubricants that are being prepared and tested, for use by customers across a range of proposed new fuels – including methanol and ammonia.

Using the right lubricant, for the right fuel in the right amount to deliver optimum performance together with smart engine monitoring is the goal every vessel operator is ultimately seeking. Greater access to critical performance data and operational track records will also enable ship operators and their teams to make better informed decisions not only in terms of a vessel’s lubrication management programme but also monitor its impact on reduced CO2 emissions. As a result Lubmarine is developing a growing suite of onboard vessel equipment and engine performance insights, supplemented by expert engineer support, as well as a dedicated portal enabling crew and on-shore team to access critical vessel information whenever needed.

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