Why Attend

Not sure what to expect from the Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference?

Below are a range of testimonials from delegates, speakers and sponsors, as well as helpful attendance information split by sector and location.

The Motorship Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference is a must attend event for the following industry stakeholders:

  • Classification Societys
  • Education/Research/Training
  • Equipment Manufacturers 
  • Equipment/ Service Suppliers
  • Fuels/ Energy/ Lubricants
  • Government Agencies/ Industry Body’s or Associations
  • Naval Architects/ Ship Designers
  • Propulsion & Engine Systems - Design, Build, Supply, Repair
  • Ship Owners/ Managers



Where do our delegates come from?

In 2022, the Propulsion and Future Fuels conference attracted delegates from 19 different locations from a plethora of sectors that make up the global shipping industry, with the majority of our delegates being top level shipowners and operators. Please see our attendee figures below;


Delegates By Location




Who are our delegates?

Delegate by Sector

Delegate by Sector


Delegates By Function


The History

The Motorship Propulsion & Emissions conference celebrated its 40th edition in 2018, and became the longest running technical conference in the maritime sector. Gas Fuelled Ships was launched in 2010 to address the use of LNG as a maritime fuel.  Both events are strong in their own rights: the last Propulsion & Emissions conference had shipowner panels and audiences representing in excess of 2,000 ships, while Gas Fuelled Ships has grown from a single day event into a two-day conference covering all alternative low flash point fuels with a day of technical visits. Together, they make the new Propulsion and Future Fuels conference.

With ongoing developments and increased overlap between both of the above events The Motorship Propulsion and Future Fuels 2018 joined the two together in one large, enhanced conference.


Shipowners can obtain preferential rates to attend the conference; contact the team today for verification and a discount code by calling +44 1329 825335 or sending an email to conferences@propulsionconference.com.