The Conference

The 44th edition of the motorship’s Propulsion & Future Fuels conference took place in Hamburg, Germany

The Motorship’s Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference took place from 21-23 November 2023 in Hamburg, Germany and cover a range of topics with emphasis on the next steps to 2030 and 2050, and an in-depth analysis of ship operators’ future fuel considerations. The 2023 conference featured high profile sessions with informative presentations from a selection of fuel and equipment manufacturers, policymakers, safety experts, shipowners, and class societies. 2023 marked the 44th anniversary of Motorship Conferences, making Propulsion & Future Fuels the longest running technical conference in the maritime sector. The conference provides senior executives with a meeting place to learn, discuss, and share knowledge of the latest developments in efficient propulsion technology and low flashpoint, low carbon fuels.

This year, the conference was chaired by Deputy Secretary General of BIMCO, Lars Robert Pedersen. There was also sessions moderated by Sebastian Ebbing, Technical Advisor, Climate, Marine fuels, Innovation, Funding, German Shipowners’ Association (VDR).

The Motorship’s Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference attracts 200 attendees, from 30 countries including over 30 operators managing a combined fleet of 5,100 ships who meet to discuss practical, technical developments in the fields of propulsion technologies and alternative fuels across two conference streams.

The 44th programme included a keynote panel focused on the cost of financing decarbonisation and who is going to pay, followed by a session that will explore the Fuels for 2030, Safety challenges with new technology and the shortlisted nominations for the Motorship Awards. Within the streamed sessions on day 2 you can expect to learn about the specific challenges with LNG / bio methane, ammonia, methanol, liquefied hydrogen, retrofit solutions, advances in lubrications, and carbon capture.


The Motorship Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference first launched in 2018 as a combined and enhanced event celebrating over 40 years of The Motorship’s Propulsion & Emissions Conference, and nearly 10 years of the Gas Fuelled Ships Conference.

Over 44 years The Motorship Conferences have explored the evolution of LNG and other clean, low-flashpoint fuels, and has become the conference for delegates seeking up to the minute information about future fuel frontrunners such as ammonia, hydrogen, methanol, ethane, VOCs, wind, biofuels and many more. With 50% absolute carbon reduction by 2050, alternative fuels are now an essential feature alongside ship owner’s propulsion and powering considerations.

During two conference days attendees benefit from insightful technical presentations either in streams or plenary sessions, with the event culminating in a technical visit on day three.

Hamburg is the location for Propulsion & Future Fuels due to its strong presence in the global shipping sector. The city boasts some of the best transport links of any European destination and sits at the heart of a robust German shipping market. Germany has the sixth largest merchant fleet in the world, with 295 shipping companies representing more than 1,900 vessels. The 89 shipping companies based in Hamburg, representing 61% of Germany’s gross tonnage, provide Propulsion and Future Fuels with a solid industry foundation.