Tecnoveritas is an expanding company founded on a strong Naval Engineering background legacy, with close to 3 years existence.

Headquartered in Portugal, with a global reach, TecnoVeritas has a strong track record of delivering solutions, combining innovation and knowledge to the marine industry.

Focused on emissions reduction and energy management, TecnoVeritas has a strong track record of combining innovation and expert knowledge to deliver services and solutions to the marine industry.

TecnoVeritas manufactures and supplies world class energy transition solutions for the marine industry, while being focused on emissions reduction and energy management. These solutions can be tailored to the needs of any client worldwide.

The company also has a wide range of advanced engineering capabilities & services catering to the marine industry. The specialized projects offered are certified with ISO 9001, guaranteeing one of the key aspects of these endeavours – the high quality of the delivered project.

Most recently, the company´s main drive has been the consciousness raising and pushing of Hydrogen as the backbone for shipping decarbonization. CEO Dr.Jorge Antunes believes it is the best path towards a future of stability and sustainability to the seas.

With the development of TecnoVeritas latest fuel decarbonisation system - BioHFO – our company offers the solution to decarbonise the existing fleet up to 50%.


Web: www.tecnoveritas.net