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MobilGard™ and Cylinder Condition Monitoring – The Engineered Advantage

ExxonMobil provides high-performance lubricants and technical services that enable cost-effective and reliable vessel operation. It offers a comprehensive range of marine oils including:


  • Mobilgard™ 5100 - a 100 BN cylinder oil designed to help mitigate the effects of cold corrosion

  • Mobilgard™ 570 - a slow speed cylinder oil

  • Mobilgard™ 300 - a slow speed system oil

  • Mobilgard™ M Series - high performance medium speed engine oils

  • Mobilgard™ ADL Series - an advanced oil for engines operating on distillate and marine diesel oil (MDO) fuels


The latest innovation within the range is Mobilgard™ 525, a high performance cylinder oil designed to support marine operators using 0.10 percent sulphur fuels in slow-speed engines, following the introduction of new regulations in January 2015.


In addition to the appropriate cylinder oil selection, ExxonMobil recommends employing a comprehensive monitoring programme to meet today’s challenges in marine engines. A leading solution is MobilGard™ Cylinder Condition Monitoring (CCM), which tracks and monitors cylinder conditions to help enable the safe and reliable operation of the engine.


Mobilgard CCM uses cylinder scrape down oil analysis to monitor liner wear rates through iron content, and the neutralisation capability of the cylinder oil through the residual TBN. The programme does this through a combination of on-board tests and full laboratory analysis to give real time and comprehensive data on cylinder operating conditions. This is supported by ExxonMobil’s extensive sample database of test results, and experienced engineers who interpret the data and offer guidance to optimise cylinder oil feed rates and engine component life.


ExxonMobil has a team of field engineers that can offer expertise and advice on the most appropriate solution to maximise efficiency of engine and operating conditions.

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