Monitoring, Control & Digitalisation

Find news and in-depth coverage of advances in digitalisation here, including remote monitoring, condition based maintenance, digital twins, and the efficiency savings offered by AI tools. Our coverage focuses on the practical effects of digitalisation upon the operation of existing vessels, but we maintain a watching brief on advances in autonomy, and semi-autonomous systems.

Wärtsilä Voyage reinforces the synergies within its end-to-end digital services portfolio and brings all its products on a common platform with cloud connectivity supplied by Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft strategic partnership marine IoT deal with Wärtsilä Voyage


Wärtsilä Voyage has entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft, which will bring together Wärtsilä Voyage products on a common platform, enabling faster deployment and easier maintenance of all Wärtsilä Voyage technologies and software. The deal is also expected to support an intensified focus by Wärtsilä on remote operation capabilities, ...