Optimarin targets fleet owners with five-year guarantee

Andersen: Guarantee will entice big fleet owners to the table Andersen: Guarantee will entice big fleet owners to the table

Norwegian ballast water management specialist Optimarin has introduced a five-year global parts and service guarantee for its IMO and USCG type approved BWM system after requests from ship owners.

The company believes that it is the first BWM supplier to offer such assurance, which CEO Tore Andersen said aims to give ship owners peace of mind that the system meets expected standards of operational performance.

The guarantee does not cover failure to meet IMO or USCG discharge standards but it does cover owners if, for example, an alarm does not function as it should on a system that has been maintained and operated as specified in the manual.

Optimarin can put 30 months of spare parts – including UV bulbs, filters and butterfly valves - onto a vessel up front so that maintenance can be performed remotely, assisted by the supplier’s remote servicing system. The cover also includes a visit from an Optimarin engineer every two and a half years to both check the system and update crew.

Andersen said that the guarantee, offered at a “small premium” to the system price, was something that owners had asked for. He noted that big liners are tendering for systems this year, and while Optimarin does not yet have a first customer for the guarantee, he expects the offer to encourage negotiations with big fleet owners.

“Some of our competitors are on the second, third and fourth generations of their technology,” Andersen said. “We’ve been operating the same system for more than 20 years, which is why we can offer this guarantee.”


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