VDC uses robotic technology in BWT installation

02 Jun 2017
Seaspan’s Vancouver Drydock

Vancouver Drydock's refit of Ile de Batz was the first of its kind for the yard

Vancouver Drydock Co (VDC) has installed a ballast water treatment (BWT) system on Louis Dreyfus’ 'Ile de Batz' special purpose/cable layer vessel using new technology.

VDC used robotic pipe welding machines developed by Canadian-owned Novarc Technologies to help it install the system, part of a five-week retrofit job that is the first of its kind for the drydock.

“This project truly wmarks the start of a new chapter in Vancouver Drydock’s service offerings,” confirmed Paul Hebson, vice president and general manager of Vancouver Drydock.“Over the course of the project we employed almost 60 workers, delivering quality services around the clock. Given Seaspan Shipyard’s strategic location on the West Coast of North America, near the Canada-USA border, and with drydock berth space in both Vancouver and Victoria, we will continue to be well positioned for this type of activity for years to come.”

Novarc Technologies’ machines are designed to use advanced control techniques and collaborative robotic systems which enable pipe welding tasks to be completed more effectively and efficiently. Seaspan says the technology will be used across its shipyards in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. As reported, the yard group has recently invested in the technology.

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