Another successful Gas Fuelled Ships event

01 Dec 2014
Delegates were given the chance to go on board the dual-fuel equipped PSV Rem Leader after the Gas Fuelled Ships conference in Stavanger

Delegates were given the chance to go on board the dual-fuel equipped PSV 'Rem Leader' after the Gas Fuelled Ships conference in Stavanger

The fifth Gas Fuelled Ships Conference, held in conjunction with The Motorship, took place in Stavanger, Norway, last week, and was judged another success by the 140 or so attending.

The two days of presentations and discussions, reported on this website as they happened, were interspersed with a dinner, sponsored by GE Marine, and followed by three technical visits.

First visit was to the Fjord Line ferry Stavangerfjord, on the evening following the close of the actual conference part of the event. Guests were given tours of the ship’s public spaces, the Rolls-Royce Bergen-equipped engine room, and the bridge, while the ship was bunkering alongside from two LNG tanker trucks. This was followed on the next morning by a return to the Risavika harbour, where Stavangerfjord had moored the previous evening, this time to visit the Skangass LNG terminal. As well as a tour of the actual LNG facility, visitors saw the pipeline under construction, linking the terminal and the ferry berth, and which will soon allow the ships to take on LNG direct from the terminal – an extra bunker point is to be provided for LNG-fuelled offshore support vessels and other gas-fuelled ships.

A third, last-minute visit was arranged to a gas-fuelled offshore support ship moored elsewhere in Stavanger. This was the PSV Rem Leader, built by Kleven, designed and equipped by Wärtsilä, and powered by that company’s dual fuel engines. It was good to contrast a working gas-fuelled ship with the cruise ferry, but each offered equally high standards of cleanliness, comfort and quietness.

Delegates, and the organising team, are now looking forward to the 2015 event, which will most likely be held in northern Germany, in the Hamburg area.

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