Third gas fuelled ships conference moves to Bergen

Bergen will host the third Motorship gas fuelled ships conference Bergen will host the third Motorship gas fuelled ships conference
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With The Motorship’s third gas fuelled ships conference due to take place in Bergen, Norway, on 12-14 September, we look at the current position for gas as a viable alternative fuel for general shipping.

Who would have thought, two years ago, that what we thought would probably be a one-off event could grow into one of the most significant marine technological conferences of the moment?

At the time, LNG fuel for ships was a specialised subject, occupying a narrow niche in the market. Since then, it has expanded into the mainstream. Although it’s true to say that most of the ships presently using gas as fuel, other than those transporting gas and using boil-off as fuel, fall within the local ferry and offshore support sectors, and there are not too many of them afloat, the industry has accepted that alternate fuels will be necessary – and soon. LNG is one of the most attractive of these. There are several gas-fuelled ships on order; mostly offshore vessels, but some larger ferries as well. One tanker, the Bit Viking, has been converted to use gas. But most significantly, there are many concept designs and proposals around, across all sectors.

The attractions of LNG fuel are two-fold. Firstly, it provides a comparatively simple way for future ships to meet future environmental legislation. NOx is much reduced, SOx and PM emissions are negligible, and there are worthwhile savings in CO2 as well. Secondly, with oil-based fuels continuing their upward spiral in cost, and the low-sulphur alternatives will rise even faster as demand increases, LNG should, in many markets, enjoy an economic advantage.

Of course, LNG isn’t a universal solution, but as one of the three main options for the future – distillate oil-based fuels, exhaust after-treatment and gas – it’s firmly in the frame. There are negatives as well as positives; safety and regulatory considerations (which have mostly been addressed) plus the bunkering and fuelling infrastructure, which remains a mostly unanswered question.

It is in answering these questions that the third Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships Conference will provide valuable information on the use of LNG as a maritime fuel. Presentations will cover regulatory developments, operational experiences and expectations, availability, infrastructure, technology updates, design, safety and bunkering.

The conference in Bergen, Norway will bring together shipowners, suppliers of fuel, naval architects,, shipbuilders, classification societies, engine manufacturers equipment suppliers and industry organisations.

The two day technical conference includes over 25 presentations in eight sessions, starting with a keynote address by Kjell Sandaker, project manager, Eidesvik – one of the pioneering shipowners in the field of LNG fuelled vessels. Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in the following networking opportunities, all included in the delegate package:

• Welcome reception at the Rolls Royce LNG engine plant

• Conference Gala Dinner

• Closing reception – sponsored by GasNor

The exciting news for 2013 is that the third day (and some of the second evening) will be given over to a new innovation - technical visits – which are included in the delegate fee. We hope that these visits will put the conference presentations into a real-life context, offering participants the opportunity to see live bunkering processes and operations:

• Bunkering of local ferries at the Halhjem Ferry Terminal (night time visit)

• Coast Center Base (CCB) – LNG storage and distribution centre

• Kollsnes LNG terminal and production plant

The conference is supported by SEAaT, VDR, IBIA, BP2S, InterManager, Danish Maritime, MOAMS and the Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers Association. Sponsors include GasNor (conference dinner), ABS (coffee breaks) and Rolls-Royce (welcome reception). Particular thanks go to Rolls-Royce as Gold sponsor, and DNV and Bureau Veritas as silver sponsors.


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