MAN engine ordered for fishing vessel

14 Oct 2015
The newbuilding will be powered by a MAN 12V32/44CR main engine

The new vessel will be powered by a MAN 12V32/44CR main engine

Voyager Fishing Company, based in Northern Ireland, have ordered a new trawler/purse seiner vessel installed with a MAN 32/44CR engine.

The vessel will be powered by a propulsion package comprising a MAN 12v32/44CR main engine, a 4,400-mm MAN Alpha VBS 1100 propeller and a two-speed RENK Type RSVL1000 gearbox. As well as an Alphatronic AT3000 remote control system.

Frederik Carstens, from MAN Diesel & Turbo, explained: “Fishing is an important segment for the 32/44CR engine. A key reason behind the demand is that MAN Diesel & Turbo offers complete propulsion-package solutions that are optimised from start to finish.”

“The engine has gained a good foothold in the market for its flexibility, low levels of noise/vibration, reduced smoke during engine start and operation, and is already building a reputation as an excellent workhorse.”

The new Voyager will be designed by Salt Ship Design in Norway and built at Karstensens Skipsværft in Skagen, Denmark and will catch fish in the North Atlantic, in an area known for its challenging weather. Therefore it was paramount that the engine was powerful with a large bollard.

MAN Diesel & Turbo report that this order is its first for a 12V32/44CR type with a power rating of 7,200kW, making it the most powerful model that the company has delivered to the pelagic fishery market to date.  

The company has also landed other orders in the fishing segment for the 32/44CR engine. These include orders for European tuna boats, and North American and Scandinavian trawlers.

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