ABB Turbo measures preventive maintenance ROI

24 Oct 2016
ABB Preventive Maintenance can lead to a 202% ROI

ABB Preventive Maintenance can lead to a 202% ROI

Using ABB Preventive Maintenance can lead to a 202% return on investment (ROI), according to results released from a new ABB study.

The new study indicates that the payback of preventive maintenance is immediate, while the Net Present Value, can be approximately US$1.3m over three years.

“Preventive maintenance is vital for sustained turbocharger performance, but also to ensure operational reliability and safety,” said Rolf Bosma, head of service sales at ABB Turbocharging. 

He added: “To meet and exceed our customers’ expectations we are now developing our offering further, towards solutions that will increasingly prevent equipment failure, customised for different segment needs.”

Preventive maintenance involves maintaining and servicing equipment at regular intervals in line with manufacturer recommendations, rather than waiting to carry out reactive or corrective repairs.

The objective of preventive maintenance is to reduce the chance of equipment failing unexpectedly, by performing maintenance whilst it is still operational.  

Mr Bosma continued: “In addition, operating in such a rapidly evolving market environment, it remains important for us to keep looking ahead, so we are also exploring exposure-based and predictive maintenance offerings, for their potential to further enhance our customers operations.”

ABB commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to assess the ROI companies can achieve by using the Preventive Maintenance service model for turbochargers. 

Forrester then investigated three companies with years of experience using ABB Turbocharging’s Preventive Maintenance. It complied these findings into results for a single ‘composite organisation’.

The study concludes that the cost savings from avoiding unplanned downtime over three years would amount to over US$780,000, while the avoidance of a catastrophic failure could save more than US$1.1m over the same period. 

Customers interviewed were explained that ABB’s Preventive Maintenance approach had improved the safety and efficiency of their operations and helped avoid the risk of serious incidents at sea.

The full study, the Total Economic Impact of ABB Preventive Maintenance, can be found at on the ABB website.

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