Battery storage systems promise offshore energy savings

28 Sep 2017
'Havila Foresight' will benefit from the installation of a NES Quest-2 Energy Storage System

'Havila Foresight' will benefit from the installation of a NES Quest-2 Energy Storage System

A Norwegian offshore shipping operator looks set to benefit from energy savings created by some new energy storage systems.

The two Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) Quest-2 Energy Storage Systems will be installed onboard two Havila Shipping platform supply vessels to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

“The future looks bright for NES with state-of-the-art products and systems which can compete internationally,” said Jan Berg, EVP business development. NES.

He pointed out that the systems will be installed on Havila Charisma, a Havyard design, HD833L, built at Havyard Ship Technology, Leirvik in December 2012. NES had previously supplied this vessel`s diesel electric propulsion system.

The other vessel is Havila Foresight, a MT 60120 MKII, designed by Marin Teknikk and delivered in December 2007.

Both these vessels will be retrofitted with battery containers with an energy capacity of 625kWh and possibilities for extension to 750kWh. The idea is that the Quest-2 system will be utilised in three different modes for transit/ steaming, stand-by/ harbour and Dynamic Positioning (DP) mode.

NES said that experience shows that the average savings in the three different modes can be 5-10% in transit, 20% in standby/ harbour and 25-30% in DP mode.

The fuel consumption and emissions will be significantly reduced in DP mode, where the batteries work as a spinning reserve.

NES has been working on its energy storage systems with a view to adapting them to fit any marine market segment.

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