Chinese windfall for Thordon Bearings

23 Jun 2015

Canada’s Thordon Bearings has received an order for a total of 20 seawater-lubricated COMPAC Propeller Shaft Bearing Systems for Chinese shipyards, the company’s most significant order for commercial vessels.

The specialist in advanced seawater-lubricated stern tube bearing systems, will supply COMPAC and Thordon Water Quality Packages for installation to various merchant and offshore newbuilds through 2015 and 2016.

Craig Carter, Thordon Bearings, said: “The magnitude of this order is indicative of a changing market. Traditionally, COMPAC’s core market has been cruise and naval ships, but we are seeing a marked increase in the number of quotes for seawater-lubricated systems from owners of merchant and offshore tonnage.”

The packages will be delivered to China’s GSI shipyard for installation to a 90,000dwt semi-submersible heavy transport vessel and three 50,000dwt bulk carriers. Huang Pu Wenchong Shipbuilding will receive COMPAC systems for three 50,000dwt semi-submersibles and four 36,000dwt bulk carriers.

Other orders include those for four AHTS vessels under construction at Dalian, a 2D seismic vessel and a 28,000dwt heavy-lift ship at Shanghai Shipyard, two bulk carriers entrusted to the Shanghaiguan Shipyard and a 12,800 bitumen tanker contracted to Qingshan.

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