Early delivery for IMO II M 20 C engine

The MaK M 20 C, now available in IMO II compliant versions The MaK M 20 C, now available in IMO II compliant versions

Caterpillar Motoren has announced early availability of the IMO II-compliant configuration of its MaK M 20 C marine engine.

The company says it has been working for some three years on a strategy for each of its four medium-speed engine series. Nearly six months before the enactment of the IMO regulations, it is offering advance availability of the IMO II-compliant configuration of the M 20 C medium speed engine.

The latest M 20 C, smallest in the MaK medium speed range, will be available in both 6- and 8-cylinder configurations, both meeting new IMO guidelines. Ratings are between 1,020kW and-1,520kW at 900-1000 rpm, with operation on either HFO or MDO.

Manufactured at the Kiel Engine Center in Kiel, Germany, the M 20 C has proved popular for applications including tugs and fishing craft. Since its initial introduction in 1992, more than 1,200 M 20 C engines have been sold.

To meet the additional regulations, which are aimed at reducing engine emissions, specifically NOx, MaK engineers were able to make minor modifications to the engine to achieve the desired emission levels. The injector pump has been redesigned with a new plunger for emission optimisation in alignment with new timing for fuel injection, combustion inlet, and exhaust outlet. The IMO II-compliant configuration uses redesigned gas piping to optimise exhaust gas flow. The changes are claimed to ensure full compliance without sacrificing efficiency or reliability for FP or CP propulsion applications or variable speed auxiliary and genset configurations.

A retrofit kit will be made available for existing 6- or 8-cylinder M 20 C customers who are looking to meet the IMO II regulatory requirements.

The company says that IMO II versions of the other MaK medium-speed engines are currently in the testing phase and will be available for sale by the end of 2010.

Cruise orders continue

Caterpillar Motoren has added the Norwegian Epic, which Norwegian Cruise Line claims to be its most innovative ship, to its MaK M 43 C engine reference list.

The ship departed the STX France Shipyard in June 2010, powered by a plant comprising three 12 M 43 C and three MaK 16 M 43 engines, meeting the DNV Clean Design requirements for NOx, which are said to ensure environmental protection and  sustainability.

The diesel-electric power plant allows a lower cylinder rating to decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, accomplished through the long-stroke engine design combined with the flexible camshaft technology which changes the valve timing at part load to raise effective compression and enhance complete combustion. The claimed result with the M 43 C is invisible smoke emissions at any load point, even with heavy fuel oils.

The engines provide a total of 79.8 MW and drive high-torque density induction motors fed by PWM converters supplied by Converteam. This installation is designed for low overall acoustic noise and vibration levels, and to reduce maintenance time and overall life cycle costs.

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