Engine builder offers environmental packages

The Wärtsilä-powered fleet will in future be able to benefit from the engine designer's environmental services package to help meet emissions legislation
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Wärtsilä's new environmental services portfolio, offered throughout the company's fully-owned global network, is said to mark another step in its strategy of strengthening its position as a leading provider of environmental marine solutions.

Wärtsilä reports that it has introduced a new portfolio of services, known as Environmental Services, which are claimed to offer customers the most extensive set of environmentally-related services, products and solutions in the industry. This portfolio is in line with Wärtsilä's strategy of strengthening its position as a leading provider of environmental retrofit solutions to existing installations. The company says that environmental services will help customers to minimise emissions into the air and water, and help them to meet increasingly stringent legislation and regulations.

The new portfolio includes a range of products, solutions and services aimed at both power plants and ship installations. As part of the portfolio, Wärtsilä offers catalysts (SCR) that treat nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, while scrubbers are offered for removing sulphur oxides (SOx). Both are harmful emissions that have detrimental effects on humans and nature. Wärtsilä says that it can also offer complete oily water treatment systems that meet the most stringent standards.

In addition, Wärtsilä is able to offer total service packages, including start-ups, installations, engineering work, and maintenance and repairs. Wärtsilä is also planning to develop a new area of expertise, namely consultancy services, to support customers in optimising their environmental performance. Further plans to broaden the company's services offering to customers are also in the works.

Environmental services will be offered via Wärtsilä's fully-owned global network, which with 160 locations is claimed to be the largest in the industry. The new programme broadens Wärtsilä's range of specialist services by centralising its environmental expertise and knowledge.

The Wärtsilä services portfolio already includes engine services, propulsion services, electrical & automation services, boiler services and training services. Services is one of Wärtsilä's three business areas, the others being Ship Power and Power Plants. Services has operations in 70 countries and employs 11,000 professionals.

Tighter emissions legislation is impacting both the shipping and power plant sectors. For example, the forthcoming IMO requirements stipulate a significant reduction in sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions. Also carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are being discussed within the IMO, where proposals for defining energy efficiency design and operational indexes for ships are under consideration. In Norwegian waters, lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions will reward ship owners through reduced NOx fees. In tackling these environmental challenges, Wärtsilä says that its environmental services can now offer its customers a wide range of products that reduce emissions below regulation limits.


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