Hyundai Heavy develops eco-friendly gas engine

31 Jul 2010
The launch ceremony of the HiMSEN gas engine H35G

The launch ceremony of the HiMSEN gas engine H35G

Hyundai Heavy Industries has recently completed the test run of the newly developed high output eco-friendly HiMSEN gas engine H35G in Korea.

The engine can be used for ship propulsion and power plants and features ‘lean burn’ technology and is regarded as eco-friendly and highly efficient by reducing parts to make the engine lighter, thus saving fuel. The new engine emits 20% less CO2 than diesel engines, reduces NOx emissions by 97% to reach a claimed lowest level of 50ppm, and improves engine performance by 47%.

After the final endurance test, HHI plans to start full-scale production of the new engines from early in 2011, which will give the company full production capacity of 780 bhp to 13,600 bhp diesel and gas engines.

Yoo Seung-nam, senior executive vice president of Hyundai Heavy Industries said, “The successful development of this high output gas engine will give Hyundai Heavy a technological competitive edge to further expand in the world engine market.”

With 35% of global engine market share, Hyundai Heavy has reached an aggregate production of 20 million bhp in four-stroke engines and expects to produce an aggregate 100 million bhp in two-stroke engines by September 2010.

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