Lithium-ion ESS to power PSVs

09 Oct 2017
Corvus Energy storage systems

Corvus Energy will provide lithium-ion-based energy storage systems to help two platform supply vessels lower their energy costs and reduce emissions

Corvus Energy will provide lithium-ion-based energy storage systems (ESS) for two platform supply vessels (PSVs) to enable reduced emissions.

The Havila PSVs are being retrofitted with hybrid power systems and each will receive a 1000kWh Orca Energy ESS from Corvus which will supply electrical power to each PSV’s propulsion system electrical network to help provide environmentally-friendly and lower cost operations.

The 94m long Havila Foresight and the 93m long Havila Charisma are part of a larger group of PSVs that were awarded long-term charter contracts by Statoil, under the condition that they convert to hybrid power operations using batteries.

Renewables commitment

Roger Rosvold, sales manager of Corvus Energy, said: “Corvus is proud to be part of Statoil’s commitment to the environment and their goal of becoming a leader in cleaner oil & gas production as they leverage renewable energy technologies such as the Orca ESS.”

The installations will be supported in part by the Norwegian NOx fund.

Statoil is focusing on reducing emissions from its logistics activities and has mandated that all new charters should utilise energy storage systems during all aspects of the PSV’s operation, particularly during dynamic positioning and harbour operations where fuel consumption and emissions will be significantly reduced.

ESS use is expected to increase safety through provision of spinning reserve for improved response time as well as increased redundancy.

Six vessels have now been awarded to Corvus, under charter by Statoil.

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