MAN CR unit ready for US market

21 Sep 2015
MAN 32/44CR engines are suitable for a variety of applications including fishing

MAN 32/44CR engines are suitable for a variety of applications including fishing

The MAN 32/44 Common Rail engine family has received US EPA Certification, a requirement for all engines installed aboard US-flagged vessels.

MAN has called this certification a significant step in its four-stroke marine engine strategy for the US market.

Chuck Griffith, sales manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo, North America, said: “The engine family has been certified US EPA Tier 2 for Category 3 engines and builds the foundation for us to introduce our US EPA Tier 3 for Category 3 product in 2016. This will allow US customers to benefit from the high power output and low fuel-consumption of our medium-speed, common-rail engines.”

The US EPA certification process was initiated in response to demand from the American fishing industry. MDT has already received several orders for the engine, including one for a MAN 8L32/44CR engine to power a newbuilding trawler for the US fishing company, Fishermen’s Finest.

This order was significant in that it represented a breakthrough for the CR engine in the important, US domestic-fishing segment.

Since being introduced in Europe eight years ago, MAN’s CR engines have consistently proven their reliability and durability within the fishing industry.

But they have also established a solid presence in several marine segments globally, mainly due to the fact that they significantly lower emissions of soot and NOx over the complete operating range.

MAN 32/44CR engines, rated power 3,600 – 12,000 kW, are suitable for a variety of applications including fishing, ATBs (Articulated Tug Barges), anchor handlers, offshore construction vessels, dredgers and drill ships.

US EPA Tier 3 is currently the final emissions tier for Category 3 (≥ 30L/cyl displacement) engines, and is similar to US EPA Tier 4 for Category 1 and 2 (< 30 L/cyl displacement) engines.

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