MAN goes for Tier III compliance

The L21/31 has been certified for IMO Tier III compliance The L21/31 has been certified for IMO Tier III compliance
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MAN Diesel & Turbo says that one of its four-stroke installations has been certified to meet the forthcoming IMO Tier III emission requirements, following trials onboard a DFDS ro-ro ship.

The Tier III compatibility certificate was awarded by DNV GL for a MAN 8L21/31 four-stroke engine which had been retrofitted with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. The system allows the engine, previously Tier II compliant, to operate at the very low levels of NOx emissions demanded by the IMO Tier III rules.

The vessel in question, the Petunia Seaways, regularly sails on fixed routes across the North Sea. In September 2012, one of its 8L21/31 auxiliary engines was retrofitted with a SCR system which, says MAN Diesel, has proven daily that freight ships can now meet the strict emission levels laid down by IMO Tier III where NOx emissions have to be reduced in certain areas by 75% compared to current limits.

The SCR injects urea into the exhaust gases and passes them through a catalytic converter at a temperature of 300° to 400°C. The subsequent chemical reaction reduces NOx by over 80%. The SCR system in its entirety consists of a catalytic converter with several control units and a surveillance and control unit.

MAN Diesel & Turbo claims to be the first to successfully make four-stroke marine engines IMO Tier III-compliant. It offers a fully modular SCR-kit, which is now available on sale, to cover the company’s entire four-stroke engine portfolio.

"It is important that we have proven to fulfil the same high standards that will be demanded by Tier III in the future", said Prof Gunnar Stiesch, head of advanced engineering and exhaust after treatment four-stroke engines.

"I am happy that we have helped develop a new, environmentally friendly technology. DFDS and other operators are definitely going to benefit from SCR meeting international standards", said Poul Woodall, director of sustainability and public affairs at DFDS Seaways.

MAN Diesel & Turbo says its MAN 51/60DF engine has been chosen for the dual fuel diesel electric plant which will power four LNG carrier newbuilds for a consortium including Teekay LNG Partners. Each ship will have two 12V51/60DF and two 8L51/60DF engines. The ships are similar to six others, for which a total of 30 of the same engine type was ordered in 2013.

The engines for both orders are specified as IMO Tier II-compliant in diesel mode with lower exhaust-gas emissions in gas mode than IMO Tier III stipulates. The ships will be constructed at Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai, and will transport gas from BG Group’s Queensland Curtis Island LNG project.

MAN Diesel is another propulsion company targeting the offshore market, in this case through its PrimeServ service division, which has concluded a service framework agreement with DOF ASA, the Norwegian off-shore services company.

The service agreement covers the servicing of 15 vessels and 68 MAN engines (44 of type 32/40 plus 24 other engines of 21/31, 28/32 and 27/38 types) covering a total of 518 cylinders. It includes maintenance-planning support, supply of spare-parts, technical support, training and online service access.

At the recent SMM exhibition in Hamburg, MAN Diesel & Turbo launched its high speed four stroke MAN 12V175D. The new engine will be offered in ratings from 1,500kW to 2,200kW and is designed for propulsion of ferries, offshore supply vessels, tug boats and working vessels.

"With the MAN 175D, we are supplementing and completing MAN Diesel & Turbo's and MAN Truck & Bus's product portfolio in the maritime sector," said Dr Hans-Otto Jeske, Chief Technology Officer and acting CEO for MAN Diesel & Turbo.

The specification includes a compact and modular SCR exhaust gas after-treatment system to satisfy IMO Tier III and the engine is designed for user-friendliness and efficiency, with compact dimensions. The company says that the design brief called for a high-speed engine that works as reliably as a medium speed engine and which has been tailor made for maritime use, and was developed using the results of customer feedback. Service is another important consideration, and MAN 175D customers will have full access to the MAN PrimeServ service network with over 120 locations worldwide.


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