New high-speed propulsion and gas-fuelled genset engines added to Cat high-speed range

Caterpillar’s C175-16 extends the capabilities of the existing 3516 platform Caterpillar’s C175-16 extends the capabilities of the existing 3516 platform

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems has announced a new high-speed propulsion engine based on its 3516 platform, but optimised to deliver clean-burn combustion along with an up to 15% power increase in its commercial ratings.

The C175-16 is the latest in a line of high performance engines designed to meet EPA Tier 3 and IMO Tier II emissions requirements. The new ratings band of 2,001kW to 2,168kW at 1,600rpm extends the Cat high-speed range beyond existing 3616C-HD engine. The C175-16 features the same displacement, at 84.67 litres, as the 3516, from its bore of 175mm and stroke of 220mm, and is targeted primarily at offshore support vessels, tugs, and workboat applications.

In common with many others in Cat’s high-speed range, the C175-16 features the company’s Acert technology, which encompasses optimised turbocharging and aftercooling to provide efficient combustion,and a common rail fuel system. The company says that by maximising the amount of energy from each injection event, the Acert engines provide good fuel economy, reduced engine wear and low emissions throughout the power range. A 1,000h oil change interval, and the use of thermo-laminated heat shields, time and money is saved in servicing, contributing to a low cost of ownership.  

“The C175-16 marine propulsion engine has been designed to improve total vessel profitability by providing durability with unmatched power output to ensure our customers can maximise profit in their offshore and commercial operations. It is the new industry standard in terms of hard-working, revenue-producing power,” said Bob Hallengren, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems product director. “Naval architects can design vessels around the C175-16 with the confidence these engines will deliver in terms of power and load-carrying capability.”

“This engine is a great choice for vessel owners and designers who want to gain greater productivity from their vessels while significantly minimising their environmental impact,” said John Shock, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems offshore segment manager. “The new C175-16 features a number of enhancements that will improve overall engine life while reducing the cost of ownership.”

In addition to the C175-16 propulsion engine, Caterpillar has recently introduced the G3500 engines to the marine genset market. Again based on the 3500 platform, the G3500 is a pure-gas spark-ignited unit designed for electric propulsion and onboard power generation applications. The G3516 shares the major components of the 3516, the major difference being that the gas engine features a cross-flow cylinder head.

The G3516, according to Caterpillar, offers a particularly high efficiency, at around 44%. The drawback, which makes the engine unsuitable for mechanical propulsion applications, is that the transient response is not as good as dual fuel or diesel versions.

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