New liquid-cooled drives pack more power

ABB liquid-cooled industrial drives are highly compact and totally enclosed cabinets making them suitable for harsh ambient conditions ABB liquid-cooled industrial drives are highly compact and totally enclosed cabinets making them suitable for harsh ambient conditions
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ABB in Finland has introduced two new cabinet-built liquid-cooled drives approved for marine applications, claimed to offer greater reliability in a more compact package, while achieving the same performance as their air-cooled counterparts.

The new drives, the ACS800-17LC and the ACS800-37LC have a power range of 55 to 5,200 kW and are designed for harmonic mitigation and power regeneration. Mitigating network harmonics is said to be a significant issue in the marine environment since these can cause losses or disturbances and even premature equipment failure in the different electrical equipment on the network such as motors, lighting or electronics. Limiting harmonics increases these systems reliability and efficiency.

The new drives are suitable for thrusters, pumps, compressors, winches and cranes as well as propulsion systems. Using built-in active supply units to eliminate low order harmonics and line filters to reduce higher frequency harmonics, the drives provide power with very low total harmonics. This harmonic solution requires no additional external filtering equipment or multi-pulse transformers.

The drives have type approvals from DNV, ABS, and LR, IP42 protection class as standard, and IP54 as option. Both drives use parallel connected three-phase inverter modules which offer operational redundancy and allow running at partial load even when one of the modules is not operating.

The ACS800-37LC is the liquid-cooled variant of ABB’s ACS800 low harmonic cabinet drive and combines liquid cooling and harmonic mitigation. The result is a drive featuring an exceptionally low harmonic content in the network of 3% to 5%, which exceeds standards IEEE 519 and G5/4.

In addition to the harmonic reduction, the ACS800-17LC offers a regenerative capability. The drive feeds braking energy back into the network, eliminating the need for braking choppers and other external braking components. This reduces space requirements and installation complexity while providing energy savings.

A first installation of two ACS800-17LC regenerative drives is being carried out on a Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) oil and chemical spill abatement vessel. The drives will be used for the main propulsion system and for the ship’s bow thruster. The vessel will be delivered from Finland’s Uudenkaupungin Työvene Oy.

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