Revamp for popular scrubber system

30 Oct 2014
Alfa Laval’s new PureSOx 2.0 is designed to be smaller and more flexible than the previous version

Alfa Laval’s new PureSOx 2.0 is designed to be smaller and more flexible than the previous version

At the recent SMM exhibition in Hamburg, Alfa Laval launched the latest generation of its PureSOx scrubber technology, known as PureSOx 2.0.

Over 50 of the previous version have been sold, for 45 ships, with several already in service, operating within the forthcoming ECA limits. The new version is smaller in size, and is claimed to offer increased flexibility. Added benefits include new placement possibilities and lower installation costs, as well as the option of powder dosing in closed-loop mode.

The body diameter has been reduced by about 15%, and the control system is 50% smaller than the previous version. The water cleaning unit, which the company says was already the most compact of its kind, has been modularised, with equipment spread across three separate skids for simpler installation and to ease retrofitting. PureSOx 2.0 is designed to handle boiler exhaust, which removes the need for an additional exhaust gas cleaning system when the boiler is fired with HFO. Perhaps one of the most significant features is that PureSOx 2.0 is designed with noise attenuation capability, meanng it can be placed before the silencer, and hence mounted lower down in the vessel. This can help improve ship stability, and, by lowering back pressure, can have a positive impact on fuel consumption.

The new powder dosing option applies to both closed-loop and hybrid configurations. Rather than using liquid caustic soda in closed-loop mode, sodium bicarbonate in powder form may be used. The powder is mixed with desalinated water before entering the closed-loop circuit. This cuts operating costs, and reduces the potential onboard hazard.

“PureSOx 2.0 retains the well-documented PureSOx strengths,” said René Diks, marketing and sales manager for exhaust gas cleaning. “What it adds are new advances that reinforce the system’s position at the leading edge of marine scrubber technology. PureSOx 2.0 is a system we are extremely proud of. It represents a major milestone, both in terms of the PureSOx technology itself and in terms of Alfa Laval’s overall commitment to exhaust gas cleaning. But development will continue, both at Alfa Laval’s own R&D facilities and at sea in cooperation with our customers.”

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