Seawater scrubber qualifies as EPA 'emerging technology' to reduce particulate matter

20 Feb 2012

Ship stack with Hamworthy Krystallon running

Accreditation for Hamworthy Krystallon scrubbers on list of emerging technologies has followed the US EPA’s decision to accept exhaust gas cleaning systems as a viable means of reducing emissions.

Hamworthy Krystallon says that it  has become the first non North American-based company to be awarded accreditation as a manufacturer of an ‘emerging technology’ that has the capability to reduce marine particulate matter (PM) emissions by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The addition of Hamworthy Krystallon to the US National Clean Diesel Campaign’s emerging technologies list follows an announcement by the EPA in late December 2009 that US-registered vessels must achieve emission reduction targets by using cleaner fuels or alternative means such as exhaust gas cleaning, also known as scrubbing. The decision also relates to international vessels, which, under EPA proposals to the IMO, would have to operate under strict emissions regulations within 200 miles of the US and Canadian coastlines by 2015. Foreign-flagged ships make up about 90% of all ship traffic in US waters.

Sigurd S. Jenssen, managing director of Hamworthy Krystallon, said: “The EPA emerging technology programme provides an excellent opportunity for Hamworthy Krystallon to obtain vital operational feedback from partners. It enables us to show partners in North America that seawater scrubbing is the most cost-effective and definitive means of reducing particulate matter emissions - going beyond reduction levels achievable from using lower sulphur fuels to meet new emissions standards.

“Being the first non North American-based company to be awarded accreditation, clearly illustrates that Hamworthy Krystallon’s seawater scrubbing technology is recognised as a viable alternative to costly, lower emissions fuels for ship owners and operators seeking compliance with pending particulate matter and sulphur emissions regulations in North America.”

The primary goal of the US emerging technology programme is to support the early deployment of new technologies that will reduce emissions from the existing fleet. Under its plans for 200 mile emission control areas (ECAs), the EPA has stated that PM emissions must be reduced by 85%.

Hamworthy Krystallon claims to supply cutting-edge, on-board diesel engine and boiler combustion exhaust gas emissions reduction solutions to the marine industry. The company says that its seawater scrubber is the only marine exhaust gas scrubbing system in commercial operation today; the data from the Hamworthy Krystallon operational scrubber unit confirms greater than 98% sulphur oxide gas removal and up to 80% PM removal. The system is ready to be supplied and installed via a global network of shipyards now ready to install our scrubbing system, meaning that shipowners could be saving fuel costs and future-proofing vessels against emissions regulations within months.

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