Support for Baltic Sea Action from Wärtsilä

Christoph Vitzthum, group vice president, Wärtsilä Services, announced the company's support for BSAG
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Wärtsilä supports the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) mission and commits to three environmental promises.

Ship power specialist Wärtsilä reports that it is supporting the Baltic Sea Action Group in its rescue mission for the Baltic Sea. Wärtsilä says that as a business with operations in the Baltic Sea, and being strongly engaged in developing a range of environmental solutions, the company is prepared to commit itself to implementing three promises:

1. For five vessels operating in the Baltic Sea on a continuous basis, Wärtsilä will offer free of charge a pollution-free shaft seal for the main propeller shafts when they install a Wärtsilä scrubber.

2. Wärtsilä will establish a consultancy service concept for charterers, ship owners, classification societies, authorities and other stakeholders in order to increase environmental understanding, and to provide measurable methods for reducing overall pollution from ship operations in the Baltic Sea.

3. Wärtsilä will include extensive environmental training in the company's Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy training centres. These courses will target ship operators, shipping management companies and crew members in order to increase their environmental awareness.

"In Wärtsilä's R&D activities, the main focus is the environment. We develop solutions, products and services that reduce the environmental impact of sea transportation. In making this commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group initiative, we want to highlight our know-how and long-term dedication to the shipping industry. These well targeted concrete actions provide a solid basis upon which operators active in the Baltic Sea can reduce their environmental footprint," said Christoph Vitzthum, group vice president, Wärtsilä Services when addressing the Baltic Sea Action Summit in Helsinki.

Wärtsilä claims that its scrubber is the first, and still the only, certified technology available for reducing sulphur emissions as per the International Maritime Organization requirements. The pollution free seal being offered as part of the company's commitment prevents oil leakage from the propulsion shaft. With a conventional seal system normally such leakage can be as much as two litres of lubricating oil per shaft per day.

With about 2000 vessels currently navigating the Baltic Sea at any given moment, and with traffic expected to increase to around 3500 vessels by 2015, Wärtsilä believes that use of its seal could prevent literally thousands of litres of oil from seeping into the sea water.

By providing consultancy services and training courses around its core expertise in the reduction of water and air emissions, Wärtsilä aims to increase general awareness concerning environmental requirements and available solutions.

The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) is a part of the Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea. It is devoted to rescuing the Baltic Sea with carefully chosen projects. BSAG is responsible for the content of the Summit and for gathering the commitments.


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