Thordon COMPAC for newbuild tanker

04 Oct 2016
‘Damia Desgagnés’ is the first in a series of four Groupe Desgagnés vessels to have opted for COMPAC

‘Damia Desgagnés’ is the first in a series of four Groupe Desgagnés vessels to have opted for COMPAC

A newbuild tanker being built for Groupe Desgagnés has been fitted with Thordon Bearings COMPAC seawater-lubricated propeller shaft bearing package to protect the environment during operations in the Great Lakes and Arctic regions.

The Damia Desgagnés is a 15,100dwt asphalt/bitumen tanker launched in June from Turkey’s Besiktas shipyard. It is scheduled for delivery later this year.

Canada-based Groupe Desgagnés is embarking on a fleet renewal and expansion programme of which Damia Desgagnés is the first in a series of four state-of-the-art vessels.

Mario Rossi, Vice-president of Fleet Operations, Groupe Desgagnés, said: “These vessels will be the most sophisticated, environmentally-sustainable vessels in the Desgagnés fleet. They will operate a range of emissions reducing equipment, including dual-fuel engines and the Thordon COMPAC System, which we believe is the most environmentally-safe solution available.”

The COMPAC seawater-lubricated propulsion system completely mitigates the risk of any operational oil leaking from stern tube seals and bearings as no oil is used.

Groupe Desgagnés placed a specific request to system integrator, Wärtsilä, to have Thordon COMPAC installed on each of the ships.

Thordon Bearings has previously supplied Desgagnés’ with other equipment but this is its first COMPAC prop shaft bearing order with the owner.

Designed to reduce CO2 emissions by 25%, NOx by 85% and completely eliminate SOx emissions, Damia Desgagnés has been designed in accordance with the POLAR CLASS 7, GREEN PASSPORT CLEANSHIP SUPER notations.

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