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MAN Diesel & Turbo has launched its own range of lubricating oils branded as PrimeServLube, formulated to the group’s demanding specifications for high, medium and low speed engines.

As part of MAN Diesel & Turbo’s customer care programme, the company has decided to provide a special package of premium lube oils for its engines in association with a global lube-oil producer. MAN says that the vast experience in lubrication engineering this represents, combined with its own historical engine-manufacturing knowledge, provide the best basis for providing customers with the optimal lubricating oils that provide added value for their engines.

Lube oils for high and medium speed engines have already been released – with an initial sale of 60,000 litres to an Australian power station served by MAN 51/60DF engines – and will be followed by products for low speed engines.

The HSeries40D lubricants are fully synthetic extra high performance diesel (XHPD) oils designed to meet the most severe performance requirements of the latest Euro-2 and Euro-3 type high speed diesel engines with high power ratings and low emissions. High speed engines of Japanese origin are also targeted as well as similar marine engines for which M3277 performance oils are specified.

Among the benefits claimed are reduced maintenance costs, maximised engine life and power output, ultra-long oil drain intervals and low oil consumption.

A range of MSeries crankcase and trunk piston engine oils for medium speed engines are tailored to the requirements of gas-powered designs (MSeries40G) and engines burning marine diesel (MSeries40D) or heavy fuel with low, medium or high sulphur contents (respectively MSeries40H2, H3 and H4).

Numerous benefits are claimed from a balanced additive combination include wear protection, deposit control, oxidation stability, rust prevention and detergent-dispersant properties.

Low speed two-stroke engine requirements are covered by LSeries system oils and cylinder oils. The LSeries30s product is a premium quality SAE 30 grade alkaline system oil for the crankcases of two-stroke engines, and is suitable for those with oil-cooled pistons. Bearings are protected from corrosive wear, oil purification is simplified and time-between-overhauls extended.

Two-stroke engines burning low sulphur fuels are targeted with the LSeries40c product, a high performance 40 BN/SAE 50 cylinder lubricant delivering high-end lubrication properties in conjunction with wear protection. Similar benefits are offered by a high- performance 70 BN/SAE 50 cylinder oil (LSeries70c) formulated for two-stroke engines burning high sulphur fuels.

Both cylinder oil products are designed to lubricate all low speed marine engines operating at high specific power outputs and high thermal loads.

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