ExxonMobil expands range of ECA fuels

ExxonMobil's new ECA compliant fuel is available for barge delivery at Southampton in the UK ExxonMobil's new ECA compliant fuel is available for barge delivery at Southampton in the UK

ExxonMobil has launched ExxonMobil Premium Advanced Fuel Marine ECA 200 (AFME 200), expanding its range of specialist fuels for use within Emission Control Areas (ECA).

AFME 200 joins ExxonMobil Premium HDME 50 as part of a new category of marine fuel that has emerged as a result of the sulphur limit of 0.10% introduced in ECAs in January. The low-sulphur fuel has a viscosity comparable to HFO, enabling similar storage and handling practices for both fuels on board marine vessels.

The product requires heating, like HFO, which ExxonMobil says reduces the risk of thermal shock on engine components when switching fuels. Big temperature differences between fuels being switched can result in pump seizures and engine shutdowns.

“Although MGO was readily available for operators to comply with the 2015 sulphur cap,  new fuels made available in the market by leading oil and gas companies have raised the bar in terms of both safety and performance benefits,” said Rob Drysdale, global field engineering and logistics manager, ExxonMobil Marine Fuels and Lubricants.  “ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 and other new ECA fuels have a higher viscosity and flashpoint than MGO, helping shipping companies to undertake their day-to-day operations in a safe and efficient way.”

Compatibility and stability tests, including the ISO 10307-2 sediment test, show that ExxonMobil Premium AFME 200 is fully compatible with ExxonMobil Premium HDME 50 and MGO. ExxonMobil said the new fuel meets and exceed all the tests included in the ISO 8217:2012 RME 180 specification.

ExxonMobil supplies ECA compliant fuel at more than 40 ports worldwide. The company said it will continue to expand its ECA compliant fuels offer throughout the year.

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