Fuel saver added to engine automation system

31 Jul 2010
Fuel Saver application engine performance screen

Fuel Saver application engine performance screen

Kongsberg Maritime has added three new monitoring and efficiency applications to its K-Chief automation system. The fuel saver applications have been developed as part of Kongsberg Maritime's commitment to the 'Green Ship' concept.

The company says that through the provision of detailed data and advice based on multiple factors including current engine use, the enhancements will help enhance vessel performance and reduce emissions.

The K-Chief marine automation system is a distributed monitoring and control system that provides high-end functionality for power management, auxiliary machinery control, ballast/bunker monitoring and control, and cargo monitoring and control.

The new fuel saver applications can expand a K-Chief system on three levels. The first application is 'fuel saver monitoring' for improved information and understanding of total fuel consumption. It monitors functions such as torque, fuel index, ship speed and hull efficacy and provides information in a format that enables corrective actions. The second application is 'fuel saver advisory', which in addition to the fuel saver monitoring functionality provides trim and draft optimisation. The third application is the 'fuel saver optimal advisory', providing optimal speed, optimal heading and optimal rpm in addition to hull fouling, propeller fouling, voyage planning, bunker cost calculation and reports.

The new Fuel Saver applications are part of Kongsberg Maritime's Green Ship portfolio, which include the MetaPower torque and power monitoring system. This facilitates cost-effective operation by providing data to enable a vessel to maintain or increase speed while saving significant amounts of fuel, and reducing CO2 and NOx emissions.

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