Increase in oil condition monitoring

Shell will analyse around 18,000 cylinder drain oil samples in 2016v Shell will analyse around 18,000 cylinder drain oil samples in 2016
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Shell Marine Products (SMP) has analysed over 50,000 cylinder drain oils samples via its Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis (RLA) service for which it says demand has grown rapidly.

The Shell RLA is an oil condition monitoring service that helps Shell Marine Products’ customers keep their vessels running smoothly and can be used as part of a planned maintenance routine.

Demand for the service has increased year on year largely due to the evolution of engine design, increased performance and slow steaming practices becoming the norm.

Companies are also realising that it is critical to get the right advice as corrosion or scuffing can destroy a cylinder liner very quickly. OEM’s such as MDT and Wärtsilä both recommending cylinder drain oil analysis for both new design engines and older models which have been economy tuned.

“Ship operating profiles have changed due to various external complexities which have an impact on marine engines. Therefore, we worked with customers to identify the right maintenance strategies to optimise their operations and tailor our services around their requirements and needs,” said Marcus Schaerer, global technical manager, Shell Marine Products.

SMP receives over 200,000 oil samples every year and analyses them in six ISO-accredited RLA marine laboratories across the globe. Shell expects to analyse somewhere around 18,000 cylinder drain oil samples in 2016 alone.

But the technical bods at Shell are not satisfied with this service alone and are poised to introduce a new offer to customers later this year – Shell Lube Monitor.

Shell Lube Monitor is an exciting new cylinder condition monitoring service that runs in tandem with the Shell RLA cylinder check. RLA data and data generated onboard from Shell’s Onboard Alert iron analyser and Shell’s Onboard Plus BN test kit will be evaluated to ensure Shell Lube Monitor customers get the right advice to strike the best balance between cost reduction and reliability.

The service is scheduled to roll out across Shell Marine Products’ global network in the second half of 2016.

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