New protector extends lube oil filter range

Filter element for the Alfa Laval 350-series lube oil filters Filter element for the Alfa Laval 350-series lube oil filters
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Alfa Laval has expanded its lubricating oil filter range with the new Protector T350 and Protector X350 lubricating oil filters. This new product complements the existing series of Protector T280 and X280 automatic filters by providing increased capacity for very large crosshead and trunk-piston engines.

Designed for high capacity, the T350 and X350 are designed specifically for full-flow filtration of lube oil used in large engines that burn all types of fuels (distillate, Gas, MDO, bio-fuels and HFO). Engineered to protect the main lubrication system on crosshead and trunk-piston engines and servo or control oil systems in crosshead engines, the T350 and X350 feature a simple, environmentally friendly design using a minimum of components to facilitate maintenance, reduce operating costs, reduce oil consumption and eliminate the cost of filter cartridge disposal.

“With the new T350 and X350 lube oil filters, big is beautiful,” says Herve Gourdon, regional product manager Asia and business manager at Alfa Laval. “These large continuously automatic backflushing lube oil filters handle up to 1200 m3/h, which is 50% more capacity than previous generations of Alfa Laval lube oil filters, yet they are much smaller and have fewer components than comparable lube oil filters from other manufacturers. Plus the T350 and X350 offer a relatively small initial investment as well as lower operating and maintenance costs and reduced lube oil consumption.”

The T350 and X350, like the  T280 and X280, feature robust disc-type filter elements to reduce the risk of the filter element cracking. Continuous backflushing using the filtered oil eliminates the need for auxiliary power (no air or electricity required) and prevents adhesion of retained solids to filter surfaces so that no manual cleaning of the filter elements is required. Constant pressure drop across the filter facilitates the detection of any malfunction in the lube oil system.

Another cost-savings feature of the T350 or X350 is the optional diversion chamber.By adding a diversion chamber to the T350 or X350 lube oil filters, the need for a separate sludge treatment system is eliminated. The diversion chamber acts as an automatic maintenance-free sludge treatment unit, collecting particles backflushed from the full-flow chamber and concentrating the particles into sludge. Sludge is then drained periodically – either manually or automatically.


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