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01 Jan 2011
Alfa Laval’s S separator, now in a smaller, higher efficiency version

Alfa Laval’s S separator, now in a smaller, higher efficiency version

Alfa Laval has recently launched a new version of its S-separator, incorporating enhancements to improve robustness, while offering greater efficiency to allow the same amount of fuel oil to be handled with a smaller separator.

The company says that the S-separator is one of its flagship marine products, and has set a high standard for engine protection and separation efficiency, particularly in working with demanding residual fuel oils. The greater efficiency of the new version comes from a major increase in separation area, the result of smart enhancements in the separator disc stack. This, along with disc modifications and other improvements, allows up to 20% more flow with retained separation performance. Since these changes do not affect the separator’s footprint, ship operators can now handle the same amount of oil with a smaller separator. In addition, it features stronger discs and a more robust drive system, which combine with existing advantages to create the lowest possible lifecycle cost.

Additional changes can be found in the S-separator drive, including sturdier friction blocks, a more resilient bearing system and a more powerful lubrication system. Together, these modifications are claimed to further boost the S-separator’s high reliability.

Despite the many changes, much remains the same as the older version. This includes the wear-reducing CentriLock snap ring and CentriShoot discharge system, as well as the S-separator’s Alcap function, which automatically detects and adjusts to the nature of the oil.

Like its predecessor, the new S-separator also features the modular EPC 60 controller and is part of Alfa Laval’s S and P Flex delivery concept, now available worldwide. For shipyards, this means an easily configured control system with Ethernet and bus communication, plus a flexible scope of supply based on block components or custom-built modules. The controller is said to be equally simple for operators to use on board.

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