Shell launches lubricants management system

27 Jun 2017
Shell lubricants

Lubricants samples for testing. Image courtesy of Shell - Flickr

Shell Marine has launched a Marine Integrated Lubrication and Expert Solutions (MILES) programme to better manage its services.

As part of the programme Netherlands-headquartered Shell will combine purchasing options and services and plans to address digital disruption in the maritime sector.   

“It is vital that Shell Marine is responsive to the challenges in the maritime industry where complexity and cost pressure is the new normal,” said Jan Toschka, Shell Marine executive director. “The flood of new regulations, changing engine technology, new fuels, efficiency pressures and increasing digitalisation means ship owners must adapt to thrive.”

Shell Marine said it is developing digital solutions utilising greater connectivity, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science to optimise MILES.

It is also monitoring lubricant consumption and combining stock, purchasing and supply cost assessment with new services such as building recommendations for optimal volume/port lifting and delivery and payment options which may include flexi-pay or pay as you go schemes.

Later this year cylinder oil Shell Alexia 140 will be available at selected ports to addresses issues related to corrosive wear in some highly-tuned two-stroke engines. Deliveries of Shell Alexia 140 will be combined with Shell LubeMonitor service.

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